Technology Associates Corp. forms strategic alliance with Intelligent Technology Solutions

by Editor 3/31/2008 3:37:00 PM
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Information technology services provider Technology Associates International Corp. (TAIC) has signed a deal to form a strategic alliance with IT consulting firm Intelligent Technology Solutions (ITS).

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, ITS is an information technology consulting firm that offers a full range of services, from technology consulting and integration to design, business systems, day-to-day operations and support.

Technology Associates Corp. offers technology services and solutions to clients in different sectors, including telecommunications, software design and development, government services and security. The company's expertise also entails installation and implementation of business solutions related to Enterprise Asset Management systems.

Both companies have voiced their satisfaction with the idea of mutual cooperation and the strategic alliance.

"The relationship with TAIC enhances our ability to support and deliver best of class solutions on an enterprise sale," said ITS president Richard Poorman.

Technology Associates vice-president Charles Johnson said ''TAIC is extremely excited about the alliance and look forward to working with ITS. ITS greatly enhances our Maximo sales and implementation capabilities in the eastern United States."  

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Axon chosen to implement SAP solutions transformation initiative

by Editor 3/28/2008 3:26:00 PM
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Consultancy firm Axon Solutions has been chosen by Gainesville Regional Utilities (GRU), a municipal multi-service utility owned by the City of Gainesville, to replace its ERP Solutions and implement SAP's World Class Business Suite.

Gainesville officials opted for Axon because of the consultancy's experience in the field. The consulting firm has already worked on similar projects for the City of Tacoma, Dallas Water and City of San Diego among others.

The SAP solutions that the business transformation consultancy will implement include Utility Asset Accounting, Purchasing and Inventory Business Intelligence. These will integrate with SAP's Customer Information and Billing Solution which were implemented last year.

Gainesville Regional Utilities' chief finance officer Jennifer Hunt says that this is “part of a long term strategy to provide automation and flexibility throughout the business. Phase 2 is truly about transforming GRU's financial information and providing all key stakeholder access to the right information.”

Ian Greenhalgh, Axon's executive vice president of Business Development, says: "We are excited to be working with GRU. Together we will deliver a platform for change."


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Computer Sciences Corp. wins two IT contracts

by Editor 3/28/2008 2:49:00 PM

Information technology consulting company Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) has won a contract for information technology and information management services from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). CSC has been awarded a Software Engineering and Specialized Scientific Support blanket purchase agreement to provide information technology to the EPA’s Office of Research and Development.

Thomas P. Anderson, president of CSC's North American Public Sector Civil Division, said:

"This award demonstrates the confidence the EPA has in CSC to provide information technology, science and engineering support to environmental programs. Our government and commercial experience in providing flexible, innovative and cost-effective solutions will support the ORD's mission to perform research and development activities that identify and solve current and future environmental problems."

The work CSC has been hired to do for a year (with six additional one-year options) includes systems design, development and integration. The IT and information management contract is worth up to $110 million.

The information technology services provider has also signed an IT services contract with Eaton Corp. to provide the company's offices worldwide with the CSC Enterprise Service Desk solutions.

Eaton vice-president and chief information officer William W. Blausey Jr. said:

"We are excited about utilizing CSC to support the role of our Information Technology team as a strategic partner in Eaton's continuing growth. CSC's leadership in responding to and resolving incidents, reducing call volumes and providing global service desk support for our expanding worldwide locations were key contributors to CSC winning our business."

The consultancy has also announced that it is one of companies chosen by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) to compete to provide federal government agencies with contact centre management solutions. The value of the contract for all the nine companies that were selected to provide services to the federal agencies is $2.5 billion. CSC's estimated share could potentially rise to $100 million. 

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Logica appoints former EDS executive new head of sales in North America

by Editor 3/27/2008 4:07:00 PM

Information technology and business services leader Logica has appointed Josh Strasner the new Senior Vice President of Sales for North America. Strasner’s job will be to develop and implement Logica’s sales growth plan on the North American market.

The new executive brings 23 years of experience to his latest executive job. Throughout his career, Strasner has had a lot of success in IT services, including consulting and application development.

Strasner’s previous positions include Client Sales Executive at Electronic Data Systems (EDS), where he focused mainly on the energy sector, Senior Manager at Bearing Point, where he coordinated several teams of consultants on international projects, and senior sales roles at I2 Technologies and Vantive Technologies, where his contribution was acknowledged with a President’s Award.

“We are very excited about Josh coming on board. He brings to our company a wealth of sales experience that will help accelerate our growth and add value to our clients. He has extensive industry knowledge of the Energy and Financial industries and a proven track record of being a top sales performer,” said Logica’s chief executive for North America Amanda Mesler.

The new sales executive has been with Logica since March 17, 2008, after leaving his job at EDS.

Strasner said: "I am looking forward to providing Logica’s clients with outstanding service as well as identifying new ways to help them solve the business issues they face, leveraging Logica’s global capabilities. I am passionate about my role at Logica, the success of the company and the success of our customers."

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Accenture Technology develops intelligent high-tech mirror

by Editor 3/27/2008 3:15:00 PM
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Accenture Technology Labs is currently developing a digital ‘persuasive’ mirror that can analyze information provided by a user about his or her habits and then digitally age the person in order to give them a peek into the future and the consequences of their bad habits.

The ‘persuasive’ mirror takes a digital photo and the answers about a user’s lifestyle and habits and then shows the effect that the person’s present lifestyle will have on their face six months later.

While people are generally well aware of the possible consequences of their bad habits, the knowledge itself does not motivate them enough to change their lifestyle.

Accenture Technology developers are hoping to produce a device that can either scare or reward a person depending on their lifestyle and have the motivating effect that the regular mirror has when a person is trying to make a decision on what to wear, whether or not to lose weight and so on.

Accenture is currently waiting for the results of a study of the mirror’s effect on people’s behaviour, conducted at the University of California in San Diego. Once the results are in, Accenture will make further modifications on the mirror before making it available to the medical community.

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Quadriga Consulting and Blauw Research partner up to target ICT sector

by Editor 3/26/2008 4:11:00 PM
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Business-to-business marketing and research firm Quadriga Consulting and MR agency Blauw Research have formed a partnership in order to offer the IT and telecommunications sector better insights and a broader range of international research resources.

Quadriga Consulting Ltd. is an experienced consultancy and a firm that focuses on technological research in the IT and telecom sector.

Based in Northern Ireland, Quadriga has broad international experience in enterprise and telecommunications software, computer hardware and digital content.

Blauw Research brings 15 years of experience in information and communication technology (ICT) to the partnership. It has offices in London, Rotterdam and Nürnberg.

Commenting on the new partnership, Quadriga Consulting Managing Director Jeffrey Peel said:

"This represents a major step forward for ICT players that need both specialist sector expertise and international data collection resources across multiple markets. Many so-called international agencies try to offer turnkey international research capability but typically that means farming data collection out to local agencies that have no overt sector understanding. What we offer is end-to-end management of the process, while never losing sight of the business and research objectives."  

Jonathan Wheeler, MD at Blauw, added: "The ICT sector is very demanding in terms of international capability. Many MR and marketing managers in tech firms get very frustrated that they can’t find agencies that can offer a full understanding of their product management challenges at the same time as offering an international data collection ability. We can offer both. The result is easier, more responsive project management and a focus on the findings rather than the process.”

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Half of all IT graduate openings still in London

by Editor 3/26/2008 2:54:00 PM
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The online recruitment website the IT Job Board has revealed some of the statistics the site has collected over time. The numbers show that recent graduates who want to start a career in information technology by entering a graduate scheme are much more likely to do so in London than anywhere else.

Approximately 50 percent of all graduate openings are in London. For reference, a third of all IT jobs on the market are London-based, as reported by IT salary, appointments and trend data provider Salary Services Ltd.

IT staffing company InterQuest Group's director David Bevan says: "People tend to move between jobs more frequently in London, so openings arise on a more regular basis. The flip side is a higher level of competition for jobs, and greater pressure to perform once in them." Once graduates have established themselves in their field, says Bevan, they tend to leave London and market their skills elsewhere. director Maggie Berry says that ''while people automatically associate large companies' headquarters with London, many organizations have realized over the last decade that there is no need to pay London salaries or London rents for roles that could be done just as effectively in other parts of the country.''

Graduates, however, tend to gravitate toward London.

Even though graduate schemes in the capital come with a much higher starting salaries, Sam Baxendale, a manager at the recruitment consultancy Computer People says: "In general, graduate schemes in London pay half as much again as similar schemes in outer London and the South East, in part due to the influence of the financial sector in the City," adding:

"When the cost of living and transport are taken into account, graduates outside London are effectively getting the same money, with a better quality of life. But people want to work in London because of the buzz, because they think they'll have better access to a broader range of opportunities through networking with more people."


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Indian IT giant to create hundreds of new consulting jobs in the UK

by Editor 3/25/2008 3:33:00 PM
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Wipro Technologies, the Bangalore-based global provider of technology, process and integrated business solutions plans to open a low-cost software development facility in the UK.

Depending on such factors as tax breaks, government incentives and access to science and engineering graduates, the Indian IT company will choose among several areas to open the next delivery centre. The areas include Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh, Warwick and Cranfield.

Wipro chairman Azim Premji says: "What we are looking for is a center which has good education facilities. That's extremely critical. And when I say education facilities I don't mean arts colleges I mean science and engineering colleges.

We want a center where the general profile of the young girls and boys graduating there is of a nature where they would like to work in that area, they have family roots in that area, they come from a background which is comfortable in that area and don't necessarily want to migrate to... the larger cities."

Wipro's UK branch has its central office in Reading, where the company employs 300 people. In line with the trend of ''reverse offshoring,'' the company has also recently opened new customer support facilities near Detroit and Atlanta.

The Indian company's aim is to recruit more people in the western countries, get higher end consulting services and increase the annual revenue by 12.5 to 15 percent over the next five years.

Premji adds: "Our objective would be to have our people force in Europe, which is resident in Europe, at least 50-60 percent local Europeans and we are rapidly driving towards that. We are dead serious about this. We want to build a local cadre. We generate a much stronger image for bidding for local contracts, which is also important."

In a similar move, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), the other Indian global information technology services provider, has recently announced a new delivery centre that will employ 1,000 people in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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Happy Easter from the TopITconsultant team

by Editor 3/21/2008 3:52:00 PM

We at the TopITconsultant job board would like to wish you, our partners and all the visitors of our site, a Happy Easter!

Hope you and your families have a great weekend if you are celebrating the holiday or at least get some much deserved rest if you are not.

Thank you for visiting our site and Happy Easter, all! 


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Electronic Data Systems acquires UK software provider

by Editor 3/21/2008 3:32:00 PM
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Electronic Data Systems (EDS) Corp. has acquired the British software provider Nexagent. The details of the deal, including the financial terms, have not been disclosed. The acquisition is one in the series of EDS' investments into a broader range of networking solutions.

Founded in 2000, Nexagent is a network service provider that helps companies automate the delivery of CRM solutions. Using the British IT provider's technology, EDS hopes to speed up the operation of enterprise service delivery and offer an even higher standard of services to clients of the EDS Global Services Network.

Wu Zhou, senior research analyst at the IDC Network Consulting and Integration Services said: “We see this acquisition as a key, strategic move that will give EDS a competitive advantage when onboarding clients to its global network.”

EDS Global Network Services vice-president Ray Thietten added: “With the software, resources and technology of Nexagent, EDS will reduce connection expense and provisioning time for migrating clients onto the EDS network. Our clients rely on EDS for mission-critical functions to run their businesses. Acquiring these advanced technologies allows EDS to drive even greater operational efficiencies and improve service quality.”

Under the terms of the acquisition, Nexagent employees will now become employees of the EDS and move to the EDS' EMEA centre in Stockley Park, UK.

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