IBM named market leader in IT services in India

by Editor 2/25/2009 4:44:00 PM
Business and technology consulting firm IBM Global Services is the largest IT services vendor in India, with 10.8 percent of the market share in the sector, according to a new report from Springboard Research, titled "India IT Services Competing for Tomorrow's Market." 

Wipro (8.7 percent of the market share) and Tata Consultancy Services – CMC (6.1 percent) came in second and third. Other companies in the top ten include HP-EDS, HCL, Satyam and Siemens Information Systems Limited (SISL).

Wipro has chalked the highest growth among high profile IT vendors in 2008, over 43 percent.

The Indian IT services market is estimated to be worth $4.8 billion.

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Accenture expands strategic alliance with Cisco

by Editor 2/25/2009 4:42:00 PM
IT consulting firm Accenture and networking leader Cisco have expanded their strategic alliance to form an innovative virtual group to help large enterprises around the world increase business agility by embedding collaboration and data center virtualization capabilities into their key business processes.

The Accenture & Cisco Business Group has also announced the first three business solutions, which they will launch to help businesses with infrastructure transformation, customer contact transformation, unified communications and collaboration.

Andre Hughes, managing director for Accenture, who leads the virtual group, said: “Now more than ever, our clients face a range of challenges, from reducing operational costs and managing complex consolidations to competing globally and facing competitors with new cost-efficient business models. We formed the Accenture & Cisco Business Group to provide a seamless services team that can help clients improve their performance and competitiveness by making it easier for them to harness technology as they adapt to new ways of working.”

Rob Lloyd, senior vice president at Cisco, added: “For collaboration tools to deliver maximum value, they must extend seamlessly beyond desktop, organizational, and corporate boundaries, becoming intrinsically available to processes and applications across the IT infrastructure. Together with Accenture, we’re helping companies move to a more virtualized environment, using the network as the platform to enable seamless access to key business processes and applications anytime, anywhere, from any device.”

Accenture and Cisco Business Group's first three solutions are the following:

• Customer Contact Transformation Solutions help companies to win and retain customers with a superior customer service experience that differentiates the organization. The solutions unite expertise in customer relationship management, analytics, workflow performance and hiring software applications with intelligent customer-contact collaboration solutions that can help improve agent agility and optimize processes.

• Unified Communications and Collaboration Solutions include services that are tailored to companies’ unique environments to enable new ways of doing business and help create a sustainable competitive advantage. By combining an understanding of the client’s business processes, IT architecture and how users actually adopt technology, these solutions help clients collaborate to accelerate decision making and improve operational performance.

• Infrastructure Transformation Solutions combine the capabilities of Accenture’s business-process experts and Cisco networking experts to help companies optimize their network and data center infrastructures to improve the performance of mission-critical applications and reduce risks. The solutions offer a foundation to build productivity-enhancing applications, such as highly secure virtual conferencing and collaboration, as companies evolve to a more virtualized enterprise.

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Infosys considering buying European SAP firms?

by Editor 2/25/2009 4:41:00 PM
IT services company Infosys is considering European SAP firms as potential new acquisitions that would help the Indian IT giant to earn more revenue from SAP-based services.

Infosys has narrowed down the candidates to firms BCC and Ciber Novasoft.

BCC is a SAP firm based in Poland, with a significant presence in Germany, where its position on the market would be an asset to Infosys. Ciber Novasoft is a part of Ciber, the U.S.-based firm that acquired Novasoft in 2004.

"Despite valuation challenges, it still makes sense for Infosys to acquire a SAP aggregator (after losing out on Axon) at the right value. At any time, it is chasing multiple buyout targets, but it is a question of price and what value it brings to the table," an industry source said. "What attracted Infosys to Axon was the quality of business and its size. There are not too many SAP firms of that size for the company to chase, if it is still chasing SAP buyouts. It has offered 2x valuation to Axon ($407 million), which it is unlikely to put on smaller targets.”

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Capgemini launches new outsourcing suite

by Editor 2/24/2009 4:51:00 PM
Technology, consulting and outsourcing firm Capgemini has announced the availability of a new, innovative outsourcing suite that will streamline BPO operations and significantly improve efficiency.

The new framework – part of Capgemini’s globally deployed BPOpen™ technology platform – is one of the most innovative outsourcing workflow technologies currently on the market, and features new process-monitoring and performance-management tools that are expected to offer customers better business insight across outsourced and retained services. The new suite of tools, based on Lombardi’s leading Teamworks® BPM software suite, support Capgemini’s existing Global Process Model© (GPM)* and are aimed at enabling a quick and smooth transition when moving to an outsourcing model.

The combination of the BPOpen™ technology platform and the BPO GPM©, is expected to enable a faster, more cost-effective rollout of outsourcing operations, reducing the typical timeframe from a maximum of three years to approximately 18 months. The new suite of tools will offer new and existing Capgemini customers the best-in-class outsourcing practices and shall enable them to receive the most innovative technology solutions when deploying outsourcing models with Capgemini. The new version of the BPOpen™ global integrated services platform will be gradually rolled out to new and existing customers in all industries throughout 2009.

"Capgemini is the leader in driving innovation in the global outsourcing industry. With these new enhancements to our BPOpen™ technology platform, our clients will have access to the best technology on the market to speed the outsourcing process and maximize their benefits,” said Hubert Giraud, Head of Capgemini BPO. “By teaming with Lombardi, we benefit from their software and development expertise to deliver a solution which will help our customers save time and money with their outsourcing operations.”

All sets of tools within the BPOpen™ proven technology platform are quickly and readily deployable without the need to build a new system for each customer. This is the first time Capgemini has worked with Lombardi to enhance its existing workflow platform with the new Lombardi toolset, which is based on Lombardi’s Blueprint and Teamwork software.

“We have been working closely with the Capgemini team to help them build a standard client process model for their outsourcing customers which will improve their workflow and process management. This move demonstrates Capgemini’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions that squarely address the increasing time and financial pressures being faced by their clients,” said Rod Favaron, CEO of Lombardi.

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Deloitte named market leader in IT organization redesign consultancies report

by Editor 2/24/2009 4:44:00 PM
Consulting firm Deloitte was named a market leader in a in a January 2009 report on IT organization redesign consultancies, according to Forrester Research.

Forrester found that "Deloitte (and one other) lead the pack with the completeness of their methodologies, sophistication of their designs, and consistency and quality of execution." The company also recognized that "Deloitte provided the strongest methodology for transforming global organizations and determining what should be local versus global."

The Forrester report, titled "The Forrester Wave(TM): IT Organization Redesign Consultancies, Q1 2009," evaluates the relative capabilities and service offerings of seven leading IT organization redesign consultancies across a total of 40 criteria in three separate categories: current offering, strategy and market presence. Deloitte's IT organization redesign consulting engagements "showed significant sophistication in how IT really operates as well as flexibility to work at multiple levels in the organization and for different industries and types of companies."

"We are honored Forrester recognized Deloitte for our firms' capabilities as a leader in this space," said Jeff Schwartz, principal with Deloitte Consulting LLP and the global leader of the Organization and Change service line. "Our approach combines our experience, knowledge and skills throughout the IT organization design lifecycle from business case and design through implementation and leverages our commitment to IT leaders, organization design and the industry specific challenges our clients face."

According to the report, "Deloitte is proficient at both business and IT transformations and in melding the two together." Forrester specifically stated that Deloitte's "methodology is disciplined and complete, and it possesses a huge knowledge base of reusable assets that the consultants use appropriately."

"The IT Organization Design offering of our member firms integrates 'best in class' IT organization design capabilities from our Technology Strategy service line and global organization and change capabilities from our Human Capital service area," noted Peter Blatman, principal with Deloitte Consulting. "Our firms' broad IT experience, knowledge and skills allows them to help their clients address IT organization design in the context of their entire IT Operating Model (people, processes and systems)."

The report highlighted that "Deloitte (and two others) are the global leaders in the redesign of IT shops owing to their strong methodologies, quality of delivery, and ability to handle business and IT issues at all levels of the organization." Forrester continued to say that "all three providers invest heavily in developing expertise and reusable assets for these engagements."

For the complete report and Deloitte scorecard, please visit

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After Detica and MTC, BAE Systems stays on acquisitive course

by Editor 2/23/2009 4:44:00 PM
IT giant BAE Systems released its financial results for 2008 yesterday, which showed that the company's sales rose 18 percent, to £18.5 billion, last year. BAE's earnings before interest, tax and amortisation rose 31 percent, to £1.9 billion, and operating operating cashflow of £26 billion left a net cash balance of £39 million.

The company's expectations for the year ahead are optimistic, with a £46.5 billion order book (a 20 percent increase since 2007) under their belt. “We are quietly positive about our performance for 2009,” says Ian King, BAE chief executive.

BAE Systems made £1 billion worth of investments in 2008, including IT and security consultancy Detica in the UK and MTC Technologies in the U.S. The company intends to stay on the same course this year. “Our shareholders are keen to continue the acquisition strategy,” King confirms, adding: “Any acquisitions, I think, would be in the U.S.”

BAE executives expect to invest about £200 million into the UK scheme, and $250 million (£174 million) into that in the U.S. “There is some short-term funding needed, but it is not on a scale to impact the business of the group in delivering its long-term strategy,” says King.

The company’s counter-terrorist security business will keep playing a crucial role in driving growth over the next several years, both in the UK and across the pond.

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Management Consultancy Virtual Careers Fair, February 20 - register now

by Editor 2/17/2009 4:33:00 PM's second Management Consultancy Virtual Careers Fair is now open to registration. The virtual career event for consultants eager to explore their career options takes place this Friday, February 20.

The Management Consultancy Virtual Careers Fair offers consultants and industry professionals the opportunity to browse the latest consulting jobs and to apply and chat with company representatives and recruiters on their virtual stands, all without leaving their own room or office.

To find out which consulting firms will be exhibiting at the event and how to register, please visit

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IT consulting firm to double staff in India by 2010

by Editor 2/17/2009 4:29:00 PM
Capgemini intends to double its staff in India to 40,000 by 2010, according to Capgemini group's executive board member Luc-Francois Salvador. He added that the IT consulting firm will increase its proportion of outsourcing by 38 percent.

"There will be a strong increase in outsourcing in 2009, depending on the opportunities available," Salvador said. "We will further increase our size in India. India is still a strong economy with a lot of growth opportunities."

The Capgemini executive denied speculation about the consultancy possibly acquiring Indian outsourcer Satyam Computer Services Ltd., saying that the firm was not on Capgemini’s radar for acquisition. “If the second half looks like it is stronger, then we might take a position on it,” he added.

Capgemini employs 88,000 staff around the world. The company has recently frozen hiring in some parts of Europe and will be expanding its staff in India as it battles the economic crisis.

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Accenture study: 72 percent of IT executives asked to reduce spending

by Editor 2/17/2009 4:25:00 PM
Accenture has released the results of a recent survey in which a significant number (72 percent) of IT executives from the U.S. and U.K. revealed that they are being asked to reduce costs and to use information technology to cut business spending at their firms.

Accenture executive Michael Nieves said: “CIOs need to get away from looking at small cost reductions and figure out ways that will result in steep cuts of as much as 30 to 40 percent. Also, the key lesson they have learned from earlier IT reductions is that the indiscriminate swing of the hatchet can create unintended consequences and adversely affect the entire organization. This time they need to make it sustainable and improve the performance of IT as a cost differentiator.”

Nieves recommends a three-way approach to cutting costs:

  • Minimize – identify clear and immediate cost reduction opportunities
  • Optimize – improve the use of IT assets, thereby divesting non-essential assets and decreasing the average per unit cost of IT assets
  • Redesign – implement structural changes by shifting the focus to an efficient and effective IT operating model that will secure long-term sustainability.

“There are many different levers within each of these three facets,” Nieves explains. “The challenge to the CIO is ‘Which one do I pull? How do I squeeze on one side of the waterbed and not have it leak on the other?’”

“Cuts need to provide relief in the near term, the midterm and the long term, which entails months or quarters rather than years,” he says. “CIOs should see the big picture and demonstrate cuts that are sustainable and will improve business performance over time. The call for action is now.”

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Local IT firm wins Plymouth City Council IT security contract

by Editor 2/12/2009 3:15:00 PM
Plymouth-based technology firm Blue Screen IT Ltd. has won an IT security contract from the Plymouth City Council. Under the terms of the contract, Blue Screen IT will provide the council with information security implementation and support. The council's decision will keep business in the city, which is integral to the Plymotuh Bites Back campaign.

"The council found massive added value from the fact our IT security company is local, allowing the promptest communication and response times,” said the firm’s spokesman Neil Johnson. "Blue Screen IT will be consulting on and implementing high-end IT requirements to secure and accelerate Plymouth City Council's network.

"This will provide a stable and secure system to support the public growth requirements for online access from the city of Plymouth."

Blue Screen’s managing director Michael Dieroff added: "We're delighted at being able to keep the skill growth and local business down here in the South West, and with Blue Screen IT. The contract was contended for by several other organisations across the UK, but local service and competitive tendering – and the correct skill sets – gave Blue Screen IT the edge required to keep this contract local."

"We have provided similar training and consulting services to organisations including Nato, Whitehall, Ministry of Defence Tri-services and the Land Registry.

"As a local and independent company, based in Plymouth, and with the support of organisations such as Plymouth City Council keeping this type of work locally, companies like Blue Screen IT will be able to support enterprise and business in the South West, and grow from strength to strength."

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