Capgemini releases European Energy Markets Observatory Report

by Editor 3/27/2009 4:03:00 PM
Capgemini, a leading global consulting firm, has released the results of its ninth edition European Energy Markets Observatory (EEMO) report.

The results highlight significant security of supply issues which are impacting the European energy markets including, the security of future electricity supply in relation to Europe’s CO2 emission targets, the security of the supply of European gas being threatened by a clash between Russian and European Union’s strategies and little progress towards fully fluid and competitive markets.

Will the new “Unbundling” EC package be more effective than the previous Directives?

By assessing the results of the two first Directives, the reports analyses whether the new “Unbundling” European commission package, will be effective at creating fluid and competitive European energy markets. The report finds that with a few exceptions, all EU Member States that have opened their electricity market to competition for more than three years are facing above EU average electricity retail prices. Therefore, the question remains as to whether a 3rd Directive will improve competition in Europe as there are no observed results on price decrease from the two previous Directives. Capgemini advises that other measures such as simplifying administrative procedures to decrease investors risk, providing financial incentives (notably; through adequate tariffs) to enable investment in interconnection electrical lines and pipelines, and extending new transmission and wholesale exchanges management schemes need to be implemented in order to reap tangible benefits.

Colette Lewiner, Energy, Utilities and Chemicals Global Sector Leader at Capgemini believes that: "Any proposal must guarantee electricity and gas security of supply and unbundling is in itself not sufficient to create a fully fluid European market."

Is improvement in the security of electricity supply compatible with EU CO2 emissions reduction targets?

The report shows an improvement in the security of electricity supply in Europe but, progress seems incompatible with the EU CO2 emissions reduction targets. On the positive side, in 2006, Utilities have continued to invest in new power plants to meet the increase in electricity consumption however, the situation is much less rosy when comparing these projections to the EU Climate Change 2020 objectives as 81% of the intended new plants will use fossil fuels thus, increasing the CO2 emission volumes. Capgemini advises that in order for future investments in new power plants to be consistent with European Climate Change objectives, EU, National Governments and Utilities companies need to realign their policies.

Is gas security of supply threatened?

Finally, the Capgemini EEMO report warns that the security of the gas supply is being threatened by a clash between Russian and EU strategies. The EU, in its ownership unbundling measures published in September 2007, has included a “reciprocity” clause. This would prevent foreign investors, including Russian companies, from taking over European gas and electricity transportation assets, thus responding to fears that Gazprom might grow to dominate these EU networks as it is already controlling an increasing number of gas pipelines entering into the EU. However, as the unbundling measures are aimed at giving easier market access to the new retailer entrants, it could even help Gazprom in its strategy aimed at dominating the end to end gas value chain. With divergent strategies, one can easily predict that the EU/Russia battle for gas supply and value chain control is only the beginning.

Commenting on the report, Colette Lewiner said: "The report highlights the fact that in 2006 and 2007, security of supply remains of concern and that investment in infrastructure needs to be boosted in coherence with the new environmental targets set by the EU. The latter will be difficult to meet without strong political support, stringent National Allocation Plan and a long term scheme for CO2 emissions rights,” She concludes that; “Many of the key players across the sector need to change in line with the present tense oil supply situation and the new regulatory and competitive environment, by optimising their asset portfolio, adapting their client relationships and fully implementing new energy and information technologies." 

For a copy of the abstract report, please visit:

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Capgemini UK named Oracle's Partner of the Year

by Editor 3/19/2009 4:23:00 PM
Oracle UK has named Capgemini UK its Partner of the Year for Customer Service, acknowledging the consulting firm's achievements in providing innovative solutions and the success of Oracle technology with customers.

Capgemini is the biggest independent supplier of Oracle technologies and services in the UK.

"I'd like to offer a huge congratulations to Capgemini," said Alan Hartwell, Vice-President of Technology Solutions and Channels at Oracle UK. "They have demonstrated truly innovative solutions and are a great example of a company that has thought outside the box to bring true business value for customers. The Oracle PartnerNetwork strives to provide support, services and expertise that help our partners succeed and Capgemini has leveraged these elements to accelerate their business. We are proud to be involved with Capgemini and wish them the greatest success for the future."

"Capgemini continually invests in developing, implementing and training people in industry standard processes across our global support organisation," said Vivienne Eadie, Delivery Centre Director, Capgemini Outsourcing Services. “When Oracle announced the Support Champion Certification, we encouraged both our support and development staff to undertake the training. We have noticed many benefits including reduced resolution times, more consistency of processes and a wider appreciation of the latest support tools available. Ultimately, this has helped Capgemini to enhance the service we deliver to our clients."

Alan Forder, Public Sector Delivery Director, Capgemini Outsourcing Services, added: "This is yet another award that our Outsourcing Services Oracle Competency Centre has achieved over the last year. It is evidence of the hard work and dedication shown by the whole of the competency team that we have been recognised by Oracle in this way."

Find the latest Oracle jobs on our IT consulting job board.

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IT outsourcing still in high demand in spite of economic crisis

by Editor 3/19/2009 4:17:00 PM
IT executives are still investing in the asset finance industry even though the economic outlook is a bleak one. The information technology sector has gained a greater share of operating budgets as a result of businesses wanting to be competitive on a global scale and to improve their efficiency and customer relationships.

"In asset finance, new technological capabilities coupled with gradually strengthened market demand has led to greater strides in the application of IT services and the outsourcing of processes,” writes Cameron Krueger of Capgemini. “This new model of outsourcing for the asset financing industry allows firms to finally focus on core functions such as portfolio management with a level of detail and access to information not available before."

With stricter compliance regulations and the credit crunch making cost cutting a greater priority, companies have started to launch restructuring campaigns and to invest in business intelligence improvements. IT executives are also under greater pressure to deliver services globally, improve intelligence and service and helm ambitious transformational projects.

Another factor that has helped boost IT spending is the fact that, owing to increased competition, cutting edge technology is simply not as expensive as it used to be. New IT solutions are not only more affordable, but also more abundantly available, which allows a growing number of businesses to improve their IT functions, outsource new business functions and finish major customer relationship management projects.

The combination of all these factors provides the asset finance industry with a chance to improve its service and offerings by considering outsourcing and offshoring solutions. Once the economy is back on its feet, these campaigns will put asset finance firms in a much better position for further growth.

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Capgemini and Logica to help Dutch military with materials management and logistics

by Editor 3/17/2009 3:44:00 PM
Consulting firms Capgemini and Logica have been given a follow-up assignment by the Dutch Ministry of Defense after they had completed the task that was part of teh Strategic Process and Enabled Reengineering program (SPEER). The new contract is worth tens of millions of euros.

The Dutch subsidiaries of Capgemini and Logica will expand the Ministry's SAP systems and redesign processes related to materials management and logistics and then translate the designs into a SAP-based system.

Capgemini and Logica will also train IVENT employees, who are in charge of the Ministry's IT organization functionality, to work with the SAP systems.

“The transformation and IT-program SPEER has an enormous impact on the Ministry of Defense’s organization,“ said Stanislas Cozon, Global Leader of public sector at Capgemini and Haye Mensonides, managing director Public Sector Logica in a joint statement. ''Therefore it can be counted as one of the major programs of the Dutch public sector.Capgemini and Logica are very proud of this follow-up assignment in the SPEER-program. We are looking forward to achieve yet another milestone together.”

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Capgemini launches new outsourcing suite

by Editor 2/24/2009 4:51:00 PM
Technology, consulting and outsourcing firm Capgemini has announced the availability of a new, innovative outsourcing suite that will streamline BPO operations and significantly improve efficiency.

The new framework – part of Capgemini’s globally deployed BPOpen™ technology platform – is one of the most innovative outsourcing workflow technologies currently on the market, and features new process-monitoring and performance-management tools that are expected to offer customers better business insight across outsourced and retained services. The new suite of tools, based on Lombardi’s leading Teamworks® BPM software suite, support Capgemini’s existing Global Process Model© (GPM)* and are aimed at enabling a quick and smooth transition when moving to an outsourcing model.

The combination of the BPOpen™ technology platform and the BPO GPM©, is expected to enable a faster, more cost-effective rollout of outsourcing operations, reducing the typical timeframe from a maximum of three years to approximately 18 months. The new suite of tools will offer new and existing Capgemini customers the best-in-class outsourcing practices and shall enable them to receive the most innovative technology solutions when deploying outsourcing models with Capgemini. The new version of the BPOpen™ global integrated services platform will be gradually rolled out to new and existing customers in all industries throughout 2009.

"Capgemini is the leader in driving innovation in the global outsourcing industry. With these new enhancements to our BPOpen™ technology platform, our clients will have access to the best technology on the market to speed the outsourcing process and maximize their benefits,” said Hubert Giraud, Head of Capgemini BPO. “By teaming with Lombardi, we benefit from their software and development expertise to deliver a solution which will help our customers save time and money with their outsourcing operations.”

All sets of tools within the BPOpen™ proven technology platform are quickly and readily deployable without the need to build a new system for each customer. This is the first time Capgemini has worked with Lombardi to enhance its existing workflow platform with the new Lombardi toolset, which is based on Lombardi’s Blueprint and Teamwork software.

“We have been working closely with the Capgemini team to help them build a standard client process model for their outsourcing customers which will improve their workflow and process management. This move demonstrates Capgemini’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions that squarely address the increasing time and financial pressures being faced by their clients,” said Rod Favaron, CEO of Lombardi.

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IT consulting firm to double staff in India by 2010

by Editor 2/17/2009 4:29:00 PM
Capgemini intends to double its staff in India to 40,000 by 2010, according to Capgemini group's executive board member Luc-Francois Salvador. He added that the IT consulting firm will increase its proportion of outsourcing by 38 percent.

"There will be a strong increase in outsourcing in 2009, depending on the opportunities available," Salvador said. "We will further increase our size in India. India is still a strong economy with a lot of growth opportunities."

The Capgemini executive denied speculation about the consultancy possibly acquiring Indian outsourcer Satyam Computer Services Ltd., saying that the firm was not on Capgemini’s radar for acquisition. “If the second half looks like it is stronger, then we might take a position on it,” he added.

Capgemini employs 88,000 staff around the world. The company has recently frozen hiring in some parts of Europe and will be expanding its staff in India as it battles the economic crisis.

Find the latest Capgemini jobs on

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Capgemini earns IT Specialist Certification accreditation from The Open Group

by Editor 2/6/2009 3:32:00 PM
Capgemini, one of the world's foremost providers of consulting, technology and outsourcing services, has achieved accreditation from The Open Group to certify its senior level IT specialists worldwide. As an Accredited Certification Partner, Capgemini will offer The Open Group’s IT Specialist Certification (ITSC) program to its skilled and experienced IT professionals.

ITSC certification ensures that those to whom it is granted meet or exceed rigorous worldwide standards for professional expertise and experience, established by a consortium of globally recognized industry leaders and overseen by a vendor-neutral organization.

The Open Group is a vendor-neutral and technology-neutral consortium, who’s vision of Boundaryless Information Flow™ will enable access to integrated information, within and among enterprises based on open standards and global interoperability. The Open Group ITSC program is based on an assessment of people skills, technical skills and experience, not just textbook study.

A certified IT Specialist must have demonstrated substantial working experience within their area of expertise. ITSC establishes the quality of skills, experience and knowledge of professional specialists in a number of streams within two technical focus areas: development and operations. Additionally, the certification also focuses on the way in which IT Specialists interface with clients in one of four ways, termed Client Focus Areas: Technical Services, Technical Sales, Technical Support, and Technical Training.

According to Ron Tolido, Chief Technology Officer, Capgemini Nederland B.V., “Today, solutions are often delivered in a global, distributed context. Increasingly, we will be staffing our projects from multiple sources, potentially both from inside and outside the organization, as well as multiple continents and multiple suppliers. Envision a complex network of partners, alliances, providers, clients and even competitors. To thrive in this boundary-less environment, it is paramount to have a standardized view of the skills, experience and competencies of the IT specialists involved. This will help organizations find and select the right resources, and it is even more relevant now that regulatory compliance demands demonstrable quality of service.”

For IT Specialists, certification against an open, global standard provides a clear, motivating path for career development and contains portable credentials that will be recognized and accepted on a global scale.

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Top UK IT services vendors in 2008

by Editor 1/13/2009 4:31:00 PM
EDS took the largest share of the IT services market in the UK last year before it was acquired by Hewlett-Packard, according to a new report titled ‘Market Trends 2088: competitive landscape,' released by the global consulting firm Ovum last week. On the list of top IT vendors in 2008, IBM came in second Capgemini was the third.

In spite of having leading rank, EDS experienced negative growth and witnessed its market share slip. Several other IT services companies, including Fujitsu and Logica, also struggled in this respect, while Steria, Capita and Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) showed the strongest growth.

Dr Alexander Simkin, senior analyst at Ovum and author of the report, recommended courses of action for IT vendors this year:

“There were mega-deals, particularly in the public sector, that turned out to be poisoned chalices in 2008. IT services vendors will need to bid more selectively going forward if they are to avoid repeating this year’s mistakes. Imprudent bidding, portfolio and go-to-market strategies at this stage will prove especially damaging to revenue growth as the UK economy worsens in 2009.”

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Capgemini Consulting appoints four new vice presidents

by Editor 1/7/2009 1:51:00 PM
Capgemini Consulting has recruited four new vice presidents to strengthen its Energy, Government, Marketing and Transformation sector services.

Martin Charters is the new Vice President of Government and Public Services. He previously served as Head of Health at Atos Consulting and has 18 years of experience working in the health sector.

Sherif Choudhry, the new Vice President of Marketing, Sales and Services, has worked for several global IT and consulting firms, including Unisys, Ernst & Young and Accenture. His last job was at Accenture, where he helmed CRM business architecture operations and was a thought leader in customer service transformation.

Phil Falato was appointed as the Vice President of Transformation Market Development. Prior to being recruited by Capgemini Consulting, he was a partner in Fujitsu's business transformation group and founder and head of the Lean Solutions Group.

Patrick Rowe, the new Vice President of the Energy and Utilities Sector, previously worked at IBM, where his major assignments mostly involved information technology and supply chain transformation.

Capgemini Consulting UK is the management consulting division of Capgemini UK plc.

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Wipro names Kirk Strawser new global head of the consulting division

by Editor 12/23/2008 11:00:00 AM
Indian IT services company Wipro Technologies has appointed Kirk Strawser as global head of the company's Consulting Services division.

Strawser was previously Americas leader of CRM at Ernst & Young, global leader of CRM at Capgemini, and president of consulting services at Capgemini Americas.

T K Kurien, president of Wipro consulting services, communication and media, global programs, and strategic initiatives, said:

"We have seen a significant increase in demand for our consultancy business recently, especially for our cost optimization and business transformation services. Our customers were asking for higher level advisory services to complement our world-class IT and BPO services. This has helped us set the agenda for strategic cost reduction, capital efficiency, and customer experience in transformation-related programs."

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