Harvey Nash: Information executives seizing opportunities in the recession

by Editor 5/19/2009 4:29:00 PM
Chief information officers in the UK and the rest of Europe are upbeat and taking the business opportunities that the recession is throwing at them, according to the new Harvey Nash IT Leadership Survey.

IT outsourcing and recruitment consulting firm Harvey Nash has produced the 55-page IT Leadership survey in association with PA Consulting. They polled 1345 information executives from across Europe. The survey paints a picture of European CIOs as leaders of business change and innovation in difficult economic times.

To cut costs and fight off the effects of the recession, CIOs are adopting new technologies and agile working practices. Harvey Nash analysts say: “IT leaders are being bolder, using lack of cash as a catalyst to stimulate fundamental change in their business.”

Less than half (42 percent) of the executives reported a budget cut in the last 12 months, while a quarter said that their budgets had increased. More than a half of the CIOs are concerned that job cuts are affecting their organizations.

As many as 86 percent of the information leaders surveyed said that they were being called upon by their companies to use IT in innovative ways to boost the competitive abilities of their business.

Finally, 80 percent of the respondents are satisfied with their current salary, with 60 percent reporting earnings over €100,000.

To read the complete survey, visit Harvey Nash’s IT Leadership Centre.  

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PA Consulting dismisses Cognizant rumours

by Editor 4/21/2009 3:58:00 PM
In response to recent rumours that it was a possible target for acquisition, UK-based consultancy PC Consulting has issued the following statement:

The story in the Economic Times of India, 20 April, "Cognizant in talks to buy UK firm Pa Consulting" -- which has also appeared in a range of other publications -- is without foundation and factually inaccurate from beginning to end. For the record:

-- PA's Executive team and Board are not, nor have ever been, in talks with Cognizant about anything whatsoever. There is no truth at all in the allegation of an acquisition of PA, nor any part of PA; nor in the possibility of alliances, partnerships or the like.

-- The story contains incorrect information about PA, from our operational performance (we suspect that the article uses the results from one of our many subsidiaries, rather than our overall results), to the valuation of our firm, to the date of our foundation, and even how the firm's name is spelled.

PA is a highly successful employee-owned global management and technology consulting firm, working across the world with major companies in the private and public sectors. We are one of the largest and most influential sourcing advisory firms and we take very seriously our ability to give our clients independent advice. The emphasis we place on this independence is one reason why we would not pursue an alliance with Cognizant.

PA is seeking advice about the highly inaccurate financial performance information given in the article, particularly as it understates PA's financial performance and is in direct conflict with our audited information. The correct information is publicly available and contained in our annual reports at www.paconsulting.com.

In 2009, PA continues to build on our 2008 performance, where we achieved our best year ever in terms of revenue, profit and margin.

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Management Consultancy Recruitment Channel Report 2009

by Editor 4/20/2009 4:46:00 PM
Top-Consultant.com has released the 2009 Management Consultancy Recruitment Channel Report. In its eighth year, the study aims to help consultancy recruiters and job candidates improve their odds in the job market in the challenging economic climate.

The Management Consultancy Recruitment Channel Report consists of two surveys: a survey of 877 management consulting job candidates from all the major consulting firms, including Accenture, Capgemini, PA Consulting, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, KPMG, PwC, EDS, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP, and a survey of 142 recruiters working in the consulting industry.

The report covers such areas as recruitment trends and budgets in the downturn, recruiters’ expectations, industry sectors expected to generate most recruitment activity within consulting, functional areas of consulting expected to be most active this year, most likely source of hires, retention rates in 2009, most frequent reasons why people leave consulting and most popular jobs they move on to, recruitment channels, candidate attraction, most popular recruitment channels, past, present and future trends in candidate application behaviour, candidate intentions, and most popular individual recruitment consultants, recruitment agencies and internet job site suppliers.

The Recruitment Channel Report, available at Top-Consultant.com, is sponsored by Mindbench.  

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PA Consulting sponsors innovation in medical device technology

by Editor 11/27/2008 10:11:00 AM
PA Consulting Group, an international leader in technology consulting, is supporting innovation in medical device technology by sponsoring the 2008 Cardiovascular Innovation Awards, one of six categories in the Medical Futures Innovation Awards (MFIA).  

The MFIA event allows scientists, inventors and entrepreneurs to put their ideas in the spotlight and possibly even get funding or the right industry connections. The event  is run in association with the Medical Research Council, the Department of Health and the British Cardiovascular Society. The MFIA panel consists of 60 experts who elect the winner. The winner of an Innovation Award gets funding, commercial guidance and professional introductions necessary to promote his product, idea or business.

“The entries are highly varied, and this forum presents an unrivalled chance for clinicians, venture capitalists and the NHS to spot and nurture the kind of innovative technology and services which could make a big difference to future healthcare,” says Stewart Fox, Consultant in Healthcare Product Development at PA Consulting’s Cambridge UK Technology Centre.

The winners of this year’s Medical Futures Innovation Awards will be revealed at the Medical Futures Award Ceremony in London on December 2, 2008.  

Browse and apply for the latest PA Consulting jobs on our IT consulting job board.  


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PA Consulting builds its brand in the U.S.

by Editor 11/12/2008 2:32:00 PM
PA Consulting, a UK-based operations and strategy consultancy, has launched a campaign to grow its brand in the U.S., says the firm's chief operating officer Andrew Hooke.

The U.S. market covers only 20 percent of PA Consulting's business, which means that brand building will require considerable effort.

“There's no doubt that brand recognition is one of our biggest challenges,” Hooke told Consulting. “PA Consulting is often known for single service or a single area of strength, and my desire is to be known for a wider range of services that we provide. Our real strength, I think, is the ability to take a high-level, strategic problem and deliver a very grounded solution, a result that realizes the practicalities of whatever environment we happen to be working in.”

Hooke sees the company's business in the energy sector as the main source of opportunities for the consultancy, followed by life sciences and information technology.

PA Consulting has had a highly succesful year in the U.K. and Europe. “We’re probably having the best year we’ve ever had,” says Hooke. “I think that’s due to a number of reasons, but the biggest one is that we’ve stayed focused on a key proposition—rather than being in the back office of our clients, we're trying to be in the front office. In addition, we have coverage across both the public and private sectors, we have coverage across several geographies and we have coverage across several disciplines, so I think all of that helps.”

Find the latest jobs at PA Consulting on our job board.

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£273m-worth of UK public sector IT projects axed

by Editor 10/22/2008 4:32:00 PM
Whitehall has binned £273m-worth public sector IT projects over the last five years. This was revealed in series of parliamentary written answers to shadow chief secretary to the treasury Philip Hammond.

The £273m figure included:

  • £149.4m of projects axed by the Department for Work and Pensions, including the Benefits Processing Replacement Programme (BPRP), run by IBM and PA Consulting and the retirement planner handled by Accenture and EDS
  • £26.2m spent by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs on projects that have been cancelled, including the Catalyst electronic records system, the Customer Information Programme and the Phoenix system, designed to handle licences for protected species
  • £9.2m spent by the Department for Transport, including such projects as the DVLA’s Tracking Vehicles Through the Trade system and the DfT electronic documents and records management system
  • £83m spent by the Cabinet Office on a data centre, now scrapped, and a managed hosting project called True North, also canned, following contract breaches
  • £4.3m spent by the Ministry of Justice on the National Enforcement Tracker System, binned in August 2007
  • £1.06m spent by the Department for Communities and Local Government on the Housing and Employment Mobility Services Agreement project before it was cancelled

The Department of Health, the Department for Children, Schools and Families and the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills did not wish to reveal the value of their cancelled projects, saying it would involve “disproportionate cost.”

Public Accounts Committee member Richard Bacon condemned this development, saying it was a “shocking reflection on the failure of the government to get the basics [of IT projects] right.”

Referring to the NHS National Programme for IT, he said: “That figurine would fund the primary schools in my constituency for a long time and in this time of economic uncertainty we have got to be looking after every pound that the taxpayer gives us.”

"That high a rate of cancellation suggests the government has not thought enough about what the IT project was for before getting started,” he added.

TaxPayers’ Alliance chief executive Matthew Elliott commented: “The saga of IT government IT is a huge list of failure after dismal failure – they never seem to learn from their mistakes and mismanagement.”

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The Consultancy Careers Fair 2008 – London, October 9 -10

by Editor 8/26/2008 4:40:00 PM
This year, the Consultancy Careers Fair will take place at the Barbican Exhibition Hall in central London on October 9th and 10th.

Visiting consultants will have the opportunity to meet recruiters from a wide range of consulting firms. The doors will be open to them on Thursday, October 9th (18:30 – 21:00) and Friday, October 10th (09:30 – 16:30).

To attend, book your ticket on the Consultancy Careers Fair website, where you can also find more information about the event. Spaces are limited, so make sure you register your ticket soon.

UK's leading management and IT consulting firms, including some of the world's best known consultancy brands, and a number of boutique firms will be sending their recruiters to the event.

The consulting firms that will exhibit at the 2008 Consultancy Careers Fair include Accenture, Axon, Consulting Point, Convergys, Dell Corporation, Deloitte, Detica, Ernst & Young, Gartner UK, Hitachi Consulting, IBM, Mindbench, Navigant Consulting, PA Consulting, PCubed, PricewaterhouseCooopers LLP, Proudfoot Consulting, Qedis, Tefen Ltd, and many others. More than 45 stands have already been booked and over 2,500 people are expected to attend the event.

The annual Consultancy Careers Fair is organized by career websites Top-Consultant.com and TopITconsultant.co.uk.

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72% of UK IT professionals looking for new jobs

by Editor 8/21/2008 3:25:00 PM
Almost three quarters of senior IT professionals in the UK are actively looking for new jobs, but the turnover rate will most likely fall and stabilize within the next 12 months, according to a new report by recruitment company Harvey Nash.

Harvey Nash teamed up with PA Consulting to conduct a survey among 360 UK chief information officers and senior IT professionals and found that 72 percent of senior IT staff are either actively seeking new employment or would consider a request from recruiters.

The CIO survey reveals that 63 percent of the respondents expect to move on to another job within two years, while 35 percent expect to have a new role within 12 months. In a similar survey last year, 34 percent of IT leaders said that they expected to change jobs within a year. Only 15 percent of them have in fact done so.

The study also shows that job satisfaction is on the decline: only 74 percent of the senior IT professionals described their roles as fulfilling or very fulfillling, compared to 84 percent in 2006.

While this explains the fact that the majority of UK IT senior staff are eager to find new jobs in the near future, industry insiders do not think that the turnover will be quite as great as is to be expected and they are not worried by the current numbers.

“Stability is not necessarily a good thing,” said Matt Smith, director of UK regions at Harvey Nash. “One factor driving this stability is the nervousness surrounding the economy. At times like this, it’s better the devil you know. Not many people are going to want to take that leap of faith and look for a new job. So, in that sense, a level of churn is healthy.”

He added: “Our analysis over the last few years has shown a significant amount of job browsing by senior IT professionals, but decreasing levels of actual movement.

"As the economic climate continues to worsen, we expect nervousness among CIOs and IT leaders will result in fewer seeking new positions and a subsequent reduction in the number of empty roles. Less movement in the market means more stability for employers and fewer disruptions from the churn of senior leadership."

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PA Consulting appoints new Head of Technology and Healthcare

by Editor 7/17/2008 3:58:00 PM
The PA Consulting Group has appointed Martin Smith Head of the Technology and Healthcare Group (THG). He succeeds Alec MacAndrew, who retires in July 2008.

Smith has seven years of experience as Senior Partner and ten years as a Member of PA’s Management Group. With a degree in Geophysical Science from Southampton University, early on in his career, Smith focused on Energy, IT and Finance. He joined PA in 1998.

Smith’s previous work with the PA THG staff included various joint projects and sales activities. As Head of Technology and Healthcare, he will oversee several hundred employees, based mostly at PA’s Cambridge Technology Centre in the UK.

PA Consulting’s Technology and Healthcare Group is a very successful part of the company. In the upcoming period, its main goal will be to strengthen PA’s brand presence and sales base in different areas of the company’s expertise: technology development, process improvement, business strategy, etc. The main focus will be on the pharmaceutical, biotech, manufacturing, FMCG and wireless technology industry across the globe.

To browse the latest career opportunities with PA Consulting, please visit out IT job board.

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Innovative information execs gain strategic influence

by Editor 5/19/2008 3:43:00 PM

Recruitment firm Harvey Nash has conducted its 10th annual CIO survey and released the findings.

The London based firm conducted the survey in cooperation with management and technology consulting firm PA Consulting in February and March this year.

360 information and senior technology executives were included in the poll. The results show that chief information officers who innovate and achieve efficiency on smaller budgets will gain the strategic influence they desire.

Bryan McDonald, director of the CIO practice at Harvey Nash, says that the results also indicate that CIOs are concentrating their efforts on collaborative innovation. The survey shows that collaboration projects produce the highest return on investment.

The consultancy defines innovation as the “key to maintaining competitive advantage through the current economic downturn.”

76 percent of the respondents said that the board was searching for technology that would help boost operational efficiency and that this was the single most important issue for them as information execs and for the business.

65 percent felt that efficiency from improved internal processes was the primary innovation.

83 percent of the CIOs said that achieving a competitive advantage through innovation was the demand their organization had placed on them.

55 percent saw innovations produce a return on investment of at least five percent.

75 percent of the CIOs generally invest up to eight percent of the budget in innovation and 33 percent invest more than eight percent in development. Consequently, the latter are getting higher returns, more than 10 percent on average.  

On the whole, the findings point to the fact that information executives who invest in development and finding innovative business solutions get a solid return on investment for their efforts, as well as a healthy dose of influence in their companies.  

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