Indian IT giant to create hundreds of new consulting jobs in the UK

by Editor 3/25/2008 3:33:00 PM
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Wipro Technologies, the Bangalore-based global provider of technology, process and integrated business solutions plans to open a low-cost software development facility in the UK.

Depending on such factors as tax breaks, government incentives and access to science and engineering graduates, the Indian IT company will choose among several areas to open the next delivery centre. The areas include Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh, Warwick and Cranfield.

Wipro chairman Azim Premji says: "What we are looking for is a center which has good education facilities. That's extremely critical. And when I say education facilities I don't mean arts colleges I mean science and engineering colleges.

We want a center where the general profile of the young girls and boys graduating there is of a nature where they would like to work in that area, they have family roots in that area, they come from a background which is comfortable in that area and don't necessarily want to migrate to... the larger cities."

Wipro's UK branch has its central office in Reading, where the company employs 300 people. In line with the trend of ''reverse offshoring,'' the company has also recently opened new customer support facilities near Detroit and Atlanta.

The Indian company's aim is to recruit more people in the western countries, get higher end consulting services and increase the annual revenue by 12.5 to 15 percent over the next five years.

Premji adds: "Our objective would be to have our people force in Europe, which is resident in Europe, at least 50-60 percent local Europeans and we are rapidly driving towards that. We are dead serious about this. We want to build a local cadre. We generate a much stronger image for bidding for local contracts, which is also important."

In a similar move, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), the other Indian global information technology services provider, has recently announced a new delivery centre that will employ 1,000 people in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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