Accenture Technology develops intelligent high-tech mirror

by Editor 3/27/2008 3:15:00 PM
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Accenture Technology Labs is currently developing a digital ‘persuasive’ mirror that can analyze information provided by a user about his or her habits and then digitally age the person in order to give them a peek into the future and the consequences of their bad habits.

The ‘persuasive’ mirror takes a digital photo and the answers about a user’s lifestyle and habits and then shows the effect that the person’s present lifestyle will have on their face six months later.

While people are generally well aware of the possible consequences of their bad habits, the knowledge itself does not motivate them enough to change their lifestyle.

Accenture Technology developers are hoping to produce a device that can either scare or reward a person depending on their lifestyle and have the motivating effect that the regular mirror has when a person is trying to make a decision on what to wear, whether or not to lose weight and so on.

Accenture is currently waiting for the results of a study of the mirror’s effect on people’s behaviour, conducted at the University of California in San Diego. Once the results are in, Accenture will make further modifications on the mirror before making it available to the medical community.

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