Capgemini CIO Survey: The role of IT in Business Innovation

by Editor 3/18/2008 3:51:00 PM

395 CIOs were polled in Capgemini's annual global survey, titled ''The role of IT function in Business Innovation – Operator vs Innovator'' between August and November 2007.

The survey shows that 81 percent of CIOs employed in the public sector believe that IT is crucial to business innovation, yet only one in four think that it is IT that it is taking the front seat in the process and driving business innovation. Even though most IT chiefs agree that information technology is a vital element of innovation, not many of them feel that they are making much progress in their companies in this respect. 72 percent of them say that outsourcing allowed them to focus on innovation.

The survey has also pointed to the new workforce using new technology to innovate independently of the company's IT department, consequently posing a challenge to the department's role within the company. 

18 companies showed an above average innovation rate. In most cases, the companies' business leaders had a good grasp of information technology and the CIO generally reported directly either to the chief executive or chief operating officer, not to the chief financial officer. In 88 percent of the cases, these companies thought of themselves as partners, not suppliers, in their business relationships. 

You can read the abstract of the survey or order the full report on the Capgemini website

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