Half of all IT graduate openings still in London

by Editor 3/26/2008 2:54:00 PM
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The online recruitment website the IT Job Board has revealed some of the statistics the site has collected over time. The numbers show that recent graduates who want to start a career in information technology by entering a graduate scheme are much more likely to do so in London than anywhere else.

Approximately 50 percent of all graduate openings are in London. For reference, a third of all IT jobs on the market are London-based, as reported by IT salary, appointments and trend data provider Salary Services Ltd.

IT staffing company InterQuest Group's director David Bevan says: "People tend to move between jobs more frequently in London, so openings arise on a more regular basis. The flip side is a higher level of competition for jobs, and greater pressure to perform once in them." Once graduates have established themselves in their field, says Bevan, they tend to leave London and market their skills elsewhere.

Womenitechnology.co.uk director Maggie Berry says that ''while people automatically associate large companies' headquarters with London, many organizations have realized over the last decade that there is no need to pay London salaries or London rents for roles that could be done just as effectively in other parts of the country.''

Graduates, however, tend to gravitate toward London.

Even though graduate schemes in the capital come with a much higher starting salaries, Sam Baxendale, a manager at the recruitment consultancy Computer People says: "In general, graduate schemes in London pay half as much again as similar schemes in outer London and the South East, in part due to the influence of the financial sector in the City," adding:

"When the cost of living and transport are taken into account, graduates outside London are effectively getting the same money, with a better quality of life. But people want to work in London because of the buzz, because they think they'll have better access to a broader range of opportunities through networking with more people."


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