Top 10 Consultancy Recruitment Agencies – annual survey

by Editor 3/17/2008 3:16:00 PM

Top-Consultant has recently published the 2008 Recruitment Channel Report, which contains the results of a survey of more than 250 consultancy recruiters and over 1,150 candidates (including IT/technology consultants), conducted in recent months. Among other things, the survey covers application trends, candidate preferences, hiring expectations for this year, the most frequent reasons why consultants changed jobs and an assessment of different recruitment strategies.

In December and January, consultants and candidates were asked to vote on the best recruitment agencies. The full results of the poll can now be seen in the Recruitment Channel Report.

Here are the top ten recruitment agencies (by reach/percentage of applications):

1. Consulting Point (12.0)

2. EM Consulting (9.0)

3. Michael Page (8.6)

4. Prism (6.0)

5. BLT (5.8)

6. Aston Carter (5.4)

7. Selecture (4.6)

8. Astbury Marsden (4.5)

9. The Shilston Partnership (2.8)

10. Hays (2.7)


To see the results of other recruitment polls, please visit Top-Consultant and download the Management Consultancy Recruitment Channel Report for 2008.

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