The 10 hottest IT jobs

by Editor 4/29/2008 3:20:00 PM

Baseline surveyed several IT recruiters and analyzed some recent employment studies to find the most highly sought IT jobs today and discover where the demand for IT skills lies this year.

Here are the results and the 10 hottest IT jobs: 

1. Senior Level Java/J2EE and .NET Developers

Janet Miller, president of the recruiting firm Computer Management, says: “If they’re software developers and they have Java/J2EE or any of the .NET skills, they’re very hot right now.”

2. Application Development Managers

“There is a definite need for applications development managers with strong technical backgrounds, specifically within object-oriented and service-oriented architecture-based applications,” says Dan Martineau of Martineau Recruiting Technology.

3. Security Professionals

Steven Ostrowski, director of corporate communications for CompTIA, says:

“Managers we talk to say that the reason skills are coming up short is because the security landscape changes so rapidly that it is very difficult for anyone to stay on top of all the different threats that are out there.”

4. Architects of All Stripes

Application architects are expected to get the second biggest average raise, amounting to 7.5 percent, among all the IT jobs included in the research conducted by the Robert Half Technology this year.

Dan Martineau says: “Architects of all stripes are big right now, but the hottest ones are applications architects.”

5. Talented IT Managers

Companies look for talented IT managers who have both the technical and soft skills necessary for the job. A survey by Robert Half Technology also shows that, when looking for IT managers, more than 41 percent of chief information officers now place a greater emphasis on business knowledge alongside the IT skills.

Steven Ostrowski says: “All of those things that fall into the bucker of what seem to be ‘soft skills’ is something that most employers – if not all employers – want in addition to the technical skills that people need to have.”

6. Business Technology Professionals

Martineau says: “The difference between business technology and information technology roles is that IT delivers a particular service – whether it’s a shared service or an application or whatever, while business technology workers accomplish the hybrid goals that live between the business and IT. These are strategic roles that are all about aligning the business needs with IT.”

7. Database Administrators and Managers

The Robert Half Technology 2008 Salary Guide research pinned database administration and management as jobs that would see a definite growth in demand this year. Predictions made by the Bureau of Labor Statistics support this, saying that the sector will outgrow all the other occupations in the period leading up to 2014.

8. Infrastructure Professionals with Strong Backgrounds in Virtualization

“Virtualization is the biggest thing going on in the data center right now,” says Dan Martineau. “It allows you to deliver the same number of applications with a quarter of the servers, saving space, money and power, so people with virtualization skills are in high demand.”

9. Web 2.0 Developers

“There's a lot of interest in the Web 2.0 type applications and development, so people who have some sort of ability in that arena certainly have a leg up,” says Steven Ostrowski.

10. Wireless Networking Experts

A recent survey by CompTIA suggests that wireless and radio frequency mobile technology is the skill that will see the biggest grwoth in demand in the coming years. Experts believe that the need for professionals for this job will outstrip the supply.

“Wireless IT skills are going to be critical in the not-too-distant future,” says Ostrowski.


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