IT job security takes another plunge in the U.S.

by Editor 4/4/2008 3:48:00 PM

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IT job security is plummeting five times faster than the average job security in the U.S. in recent months. The main reasons for this, according to analyst firm ScoreLogix, are the economic recession and the trend to outsource IT jobs abroad.


ScoreLogix’ latest Job Security Index shows that IT job security dropped 10.2 percent from January to February this year. For comparison, job security dropped only 1.9 percent for all industries nationwide in the same month.

This is the eight and largest job security decline for U.S. IT workers in a span of 13 months. ScoreLogix analysts explain:

"This reduced demand for IT jobs, which has lowered job security level in the IT sector, can be attributed to outsourcing, offshoring, and relocation of production to cheaper, foreign locations. In addition, companies have reduced their investment in IT infrastructure because of lack of compelling, technologically superior upgrades – since existing infrastructure works just fine. Besides, the economy is weak and offers every incentive to cut costs and scale back non-essential, avoidable investments in technology related products and services."

Analysts do not see any significant improvements on the horizon in the next six months. 

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