IT job vacancies up 10% in West England and South Wales

by Editor 4/10/2008 4:41:00 PM

Information technology data provider Salary Services conducted a survey which shows that IT job vacancies in West England and South Wales are up 10 percent.

This is good news for all IT professionals who want a better quality of life and yet feel that they must sacrifice either their career goals or salary to get it.

“There is a wide and increasing choice of employers of all sizes and many of the companies here are growing rapidly, so there are lots of opportunities to grow with them,” says Owen O’Neill, management director at the IT recruitment consultancy Ashton Consulting, based in Bristol.

Professionals eager to swap their London IT jobs for those in West England have no reason to worry about their career options if they decide to leave London and the South East. Employers in the western region are looking for IT professionals in the same areas of expertise that are popular elsewhere – Java, finance applications, embedded software, and so on.  

“There is a strong vein of entrepreneurship in the area and we supply staff for a lot of specialist developers and consultancies,” says Jim Whelan, managing director at IT consultancy MVM Recruitment, also from Bristol.

He adds: “The contract market has slowed over the last two or three years as companies have tended to bring work in house, but there is still a call for experience in C# and SQL Server in IT services companies and end-user organizations.”

The survey reveals that salaries may be about 20 percent lower than in London, but this is offset to a degree by lower property prices and costs of commuting.

Furthermore, some IT companies in the area compensate for the lower salaries with different incentives and investments in employee training.

The work-life balance is significantly better, needless to say.

“Companies can genuinely offer a work-life balance. Even if you are working in the middle of Bristol or Cardiff, you are only 10 minutes from fields,” says O’Neill.


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