IT salaries to stay strong

by Editor 4/23/2008 4:30:00 PM

Many companies, especially those in the IT and financial services sector, are offering their IT staff a more tailored approach to salary and benefits.

In spite of the economic recession, salaries in IT services are expected to stay strong, according to an Irish human resources company.

Dublin-based company Hudson has found that many IT and financial services companies are trying to be more creative when offering their employees lifestyle perks, ranging from better retirement plans, ongoing education, flexible working hours, the option to work from home, etc.

In 2008, IT salaries have seen increases in certain areas like development and senior executive jobs. There is still a shortage of skills in .Net and Java professionals on the job market, which explains why the salaries have gone up for these positions.

Hudson predicts that the demand for these skills will continue throughout 2008.

The new generation of candidates for these jobs find the overall package of benefits very important in deciding whether or not to accept the job offers. Technology is sometimes part of the package, with candidates for IT jobs being offered company laptops, BlackBerry phones, etc.

Peter Cosgrove, managing director at Cosgrove, says:

“While salaries are important, it is obvious that to recruit and retain staff many other factors are being examined.”

“It is also clear that the new breed of worker we call Generation Y – those born since 1980 – have a different way of looking at work and are certainly more concered about what work can do for them as opposed to just being happy to be employed.”

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