Top-Consultant announces Virtual Careers Fair

by Editor 4/8/2008 4:01:00 PM
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The management consulting job portal Top-Consultant has announced a series of virtual career fairs starting June 20th, 2008. Further events are planned for November and beyond, depending on the feedback from exhibitors.

28 recruiting organisations have already committed to exhibiting and a total of 45 organisations are expected to make an appearance at the Virtual Careers Fair. The booking deadline for exhibitors is May 31.

Other than being easier to attend for a larger number of IT and management consultants, virtual career fairs have  another significant advantage. Top-Consultant's Founding Director Tony Restell says:

“A major factor in the decision to launch a virtual offering was the desire to make it easier for consultants to attend our fairs. Logging into a virtual fair for an hour is much less intrusive than having to take a day off to attend an event in person. Going virtual also addresses one of the biggest concerns that candidates have about attending a physical fair – that they’ll be spotted at the fair by their current employer.”

To make sure only qualified candidates get access to potential employers at the career event, Top-Consultant will give priority to the consultants who are registered on the job portal’s CV database. You can register your CV in the Get Headhunted section. The Virtual Careers Fair will also offer an additional advantage to the recruiters: the candidates who are granted access to the event will be pre-screened.

“From the employer side a virtual event means that a stand can be manned by staff from across the world and that opportunities in a variety of office locations can be discussed with the appropriate member of staff. This considerably increases the likelihood of successful hires being made. An international presence on a firm’s stand can be achieved without the need for any costly travel, loss of billable time or carbon offsetting expense. Setup time per exhibitor is also minimal and the cost of participating is a fraction of that needed to exhibit at a physical careers fair,” says Restell.

Recruiters who are interested in participating or learning about other benefits of the Virtual Career Fair are welcome to contact the Top-Consultant team on +44 (0)207 667 6880 and request the brochure.

Top-Consultant's 'physical' Careers Fair takes place in London every year in October.

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