Infosys catches up with TCS in 100,000-employee club

by Editor 5/22/2008 3:59:00 PM

Indian software maker Infosys is weeks away from crossing the 100,000-employee mark and joining Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) in the prestigious club.

Infosys currently employs 82,000 people and has made job offers in more than a thousand engineering colleges in India.

“We have given 18,000 offers. This shows our confidence in the business. We will soon employ in excess of one lakh people in India,” says T.V. Mohandas Pai, Director of Human Resources and former CFO at Infosys.

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The company expects the conversion rate (number of candidates employed) to be between 70 and 80 percent.

Infosys has announced plans to hire a total of 25,000 employees this year in IT, business process outsourcing and consulting services. For comparison, Tata Consultancy Services has plans to hire between 30 and 35 thousand new employees, including 20,000 fresh hires from 200-250 colleges.

IT analyst Apurva Shah says: “Headcount addition is in line with their guidance and shows the business confidence despite question marks over the U.S. economy.”

The company is aggressively hiring, but also taking steps to fight off attrition. “We are tightening our assessment of top performers. We would also introduce variable pays for middle and senior-level management,” says Pai.


The company has a new performance-based pay structure that can make a difference between average and top employees’ salaries to vary up to 40 percent. “Our attrition is 13.4 percent and we want to get it in single digits,” comments Infosys’ head of human resources, Nandita Gurjar.


Companies in the IT and business management sector employ a total of about two million people in India. Local technology giants Tata Consultancy and Infosys have most of their staff based in India.

Global industry leaders IBM and Accenture employ 368,000 and 172,000 people worldwide respectively and, because of the lower costs in India, they are currently waging a war for talent in the country, for employees and staff in middle management.

This is not to say that Infosys does not recruit new employees abroad. This year, the company has hired more than 20 people from UK campuses and 145 from US campuses. 



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