Flewid Inc. launches virtual IT consulting services

by Editor 5/8/2008 4:12:00 PM

IT consulting firm Flewid Inc. has recently decided to extend its professional services to include virtual IT consulting. The firm's IT consultants can now be reached online on the firm's website.

The IT professionals who work for Flewid come from very different backgrounds, from networking and network security to programming, web development and even advertising. 

As a result of the economic slowdown, a growing number of businesses are cutting down their IT spending or even operating without an IT department. Virtual IT consulting helps companies deal with business challenges without slowing down production or compromising data security.

The services that the Ottawa-based consultancy offers to clients worldwide include:

  • Linux, Unix and .NET Development
  • VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) with specializations in Asterisk - Open Source Telephone Configuration and Integration and Astra
  • Online Content Management via Open Source CMS including Joomla!, Wordpress and others
  • Network Configuration, Management and Administration with specialization in Microsoft, Redhat, and Ubuntu 
  • Network Security; Backup Planning/Recovery Planning 
  • Custom Application Development 
  • Advertising, Graphic Design, Brand Development 
  • Website development, e-commerce, email marketing

Matthew Gibson, President of Flewid, says: "Because we are a virtual organization, we can handle problems and duties round the clock at a low cost. We are formally and informally trained, giving us a broad base of knowledge from real world applications to theoretical applications," adding that they “custom tailor our services according to the client’s specific requests. It’s an ideal way for our customers to keep their businesses running smoothly while reducing overhead costs.”

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