10 Major Trends Strategically Impacting Corporate Recruiting

by Editor 6/26/2008 2:33:00 PM
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With a troubling supply-demand ratio of high potential talent, recruiting and hiring managers must position themselves to achieve competitive recruiting advantages through improved planning and execution, according to a new white paper from Vangent.

"10 Megatrends Impacting Corporate Recruiting: A Strategic Perspective" summarizes the ten major trends that are reshaping the global landscape of corporate recruiting, highlights key strategies for responding to these trends, and presents three case studies focusing on talent acquisition best practices.

In this white paper, Dr. John W. Jones, a noted Industrial-Organizational Psychologist, breaks down the recruiting megatrends into two major categories. The first five trends deal with strategic positioning and the scarcity of relevant talent. Trends six through ten deal with new perspectives on the recruitment process along with new recruitment technologies. The ten megatrends as described in the white paper are:

Strategic Positioning & Talent Scarcity:

  • Megatrend 1 – Strategic Alignment of All Recruiting Efforts
  • Megatrend 2 – Conceptualizing Corporate Recruiters as Brand Managers
  • Megatrend 3 – Intensifying Generational Shifts in U.S. Workforce
  • Megatrend 4 – Embracing the "Free Agent" Talent Force
  • Megatrend 5 – Tightening of the Global Labor Market

New Perspectives & Technologies:

  • Megatrend 6 – The Retention Imperative for Internal Recruiting
  • Megatrend 7 – Aligning Recruitment with Risk Management
  • Megatrend 8 – Deploying the Next Generation of Applicant Tracking Systems
  • Megatrend 9 – Web 2.0 Collaboration Technologies Infiltrating Recruiting
  • Megatrend 10 – Managing Recruitment as a Decision Science

"Organizations are progressively transforming their human resource function into a strategically aligned Human Capital Management (HCM) environment that leverages highly talented workers as a major source of business success and competitive advantage," says Dr. John Jones, Vangent's Vice President and Chief Scientist. "Accordingly, it is important that talent acquisition leaders can identify, understand, and proactively confront the vital trends that impact their ability to attract and retain a premier workforce."

Click here to download a complimentary copy of this white paper.

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