Accenture and Oracle strengthen strategic alliance

by Editor 8/28/2008 4:28:00 PM
IT consultancy Accenture and software giant Oracle recently announced their strategic alliance, one in which they continue to invest.

Even though the two companies have been partners for decades now, their collaboration has grown stronger in the last several years, primarily as a consequence of Oracle having acquired several companies that had already had ties with Accenture.

Accenture has the largest Oracle practice today of all the service providers. The consultancy also has strong ties with Oracle's arch rival in enterprise resource planning (ERP), German SAP.

However, the firm believes that it is Oracle that has the technology to deliver planning resources to ERP solutions. Oracle's Hyperion business intelligence solutions are the acquisition that will help Accenture turn ERP into a real strategic weapon.

To accomplish this, the two companies have opened joint innovation centres in Redwood Shores and Reading, UK, and merged an Accenture/BEA centre with the one in Redwood Shores.

They also recently negotiated a master alliance agreement that provides Accenture with access to all Oracle products and training as well as the right to resell Oracle software when appropriate.

Accenture and Oracle's joint projects have mainly been in retail and telecommunications, but they have also worked with clients in financial services and media.

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