Entry-level IT jobs in higher demand despite offshoring fears

by Editor 8/29/2008 4:34:00 PM
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IT staffing company ReThink Recruitment has released a new study that shows that the number of IT support jobs currently being created is almost 20 percent higher than it was two years ago, when fewer entry-level IT jobs were transferred offshore.

Graduate IT jobs now comprise 30 percent of all IT jobs advertised on job boards. In 2006, they comprised 26 percent.

The findings of the report suggest that offshoring is no longer as compelling an alternative as it used to be.

"The effect of offshoring IT jobs has been double edged. Pay rates have been pegged back, but job creation at the entry level has not dried up as was mooted by some commentators," said Jon Butterfield, Managing Director, ReThink Recruitment.

"Offshoring has made organizations' IT functions more efficient, which has freed up budgets for investment elsewhere. These new projects require support teams and it is not always appropriate or advantageous to base these staff offshore," he added.

"There is some debate as to whether offshoring has peaked. Wage inflation and the cost of coodinating teams across international time zones is starting to unravel the economic case for outsouring. Organizations may not be repatriating jobs en masse, but when new jobs are created, the UK is becoming a viable location once again."

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