IBM beats the world's fastest disk storage solution by more than 250%

by Editor 8/29/2008 4:18:00 PM
IBM has proved for the first time that solid-state technologies can have an enormous impact on the way businesses manage information.

IBM's experts at the Hursley development lab in England and the Almaden Research Center in California have produced record-breaking performance results that beat the world's fastest disk storage solution by more than 250 percent.

They achieved this by using Flash solid-state technology along with IBM's top notch storage virtualization technology. The effort, named “Project Quicksilver,” resulted in data being transferred at a sustained rate of over one million Input/Output per second, with a response time of under one millisecond. In other words, compared to the industry’s fastest benchmarked disk system, performance was improved by more than 250 percent at less than 1/20 response time. The project also took up only 1/5th the floor space and needed just 55 percent of the power and cooling for the task.

Such an industry milestone does not only offer entire new perspectives on analytic solutions, but it can also have a groundbreaking effect on the efficiency of such time sensitive applications as financial program trading systems and reservation systems.

Andy Monshaw, General Manager, IBM System Storage, said: "The ultimate benefits of solid state will require software, management and systems capabilities - with IBM being uniquely positioned, with its deep research and development capabilities and broad product and services experience, to unlock that potential. IBM is integrating this technology with systems and applications so that companies can achieve real business value from solid-state disk."  

"Quicksilver is a significant step forward in this comprehensive systems strategy. This is not about replacing today's hard disk drive with a new form factor, this is about having a complete, end-to-end systems approach - and that's not something EMC, HP or Sun can match," he concluded.  

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