IT recruitment to stay strong in 2008

by Editor 8/1/2008 3:31:00 PM
IT consulting firm Bluewolf recently conducted a survey among chief information officers at various IT firms in order to learn what their predictions are for the rest of 2008 in terms of hiring new staff for IT jobs.

The results of the quarterly CIO survey show that 60.5 percent of the CIOs believe that IT recruitment will remain steady this year and 20.9 percent think that IT hiring will increase. Only 18.6 percent of them believe that there will be a decrease in hiring IT staff.

Among individual job categories, project management is at the top of the list for the anticipated hiring growth: 38 percent of the executives involved in the survey think that there will be an increase in demand for project management skills. Other IT jobs that follow include database management, architecture and interactive design. 

When asked about the key challenges they face, 57.4 percent of the CIOs mentioned reduced budgets, while 52.7 percent cited finding qualified resources, offering career advancement opportunities, and employee retention.

“The economic slowdown is not having a negative effect on the IT market. Technology innovation is exploding right now with web-based apps and the demand for interactive projects. However, due to budget constraints the need to manage IT projects effectively and on-budget is critical, thus the increase in demand for qualified project managers. Technology continues to quickly evolve and companies know that to stay ahead of the game, they need competent IT managers, analysts and innovators,” says Michael Kirven, cofounder and principal at Bluewolf.

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