Detica develops ground-breaking market surveillance system

by Editor 9/16/2008 4:38:00 PM
Business and technology consultancy Detica has developed a top notch market surveillance system for Turquoise, the new multi-lateral trading facility that serves as an alternative to the London Stock Exchange.

Detica's market surveillance system will offer an instant view of the market and help spot illegal trading as well as eliminate irregularities on the market.

The launch of Detica's new technology is particularly well-timed, as reports of market abuse have become more frequent in recent months.

Detica also gets some of the credit for helping Turquoise pass the FSA's strict regulatory requirements.

“We are proud to have been involved in facilitating the success of Turquoise, a trading platform which is destined to become a household name like the London Stock Exchange. The introduction of Turquoise as a new trading venue will help improve the resilience of the UK marketplace,” says Simon Asplen-Taylor, Head of Market and Regulatory Services at Detica.

While developing the surveillance system, Detica also created a market surveillance accelerator, one that makes it possible for the solution to keep pace with the changes on the market.

“The market surveillance system we have developed is truly groundbreaking. It cuts through market noise to deliver, in real time, a clear picture of what is really happening and the unusual events that are occurring. As an industry initiative, Turquoise provides a real opportunity for investment banks to crack down on fraudulent activity together,” concludes Asplen-Taylor.

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