IBM named leading global vendor for identity and access management software

by Editor 9/5/2008 3:35:00 PM
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IBM has been named the overall leader in identity and access management security software in 2007 in a new study released by analyst firm IDC.

In the report titled “IDC Worldwide Identity and Access Management 2008-2012 Forecast and 2007 Vendor Shares,” IDC ranks IBM as the overall revenue leader for the second successive year in 2007. Last year, the software giant grew its revenue by six percent compared to 2006, further extending its lead over competitors.

In 2007, IBM’s total worldwide revenue for identity and access management grew to more than $3.1 billion, and IDC predicts the company’s revenues will reach $5.3 billion by 2012.

Al Zollar, general manager of IBM Tivoli Software, says:

“Our identity and access management software integrated with security information and event management is a cornerstone of IBM’s approach to help customers achieve their company-wide security and compliance goals. While superior technology and extensive integration are significant keys to IBM’s growth in this area, one must not overlook how these technologies are applied successfully in the context of business and IT processes. We are simply enabling our clients to apply security to these processes, so authorized users can access the right applications and information for the right business reasons.”

The company has announced the launch of new IBM Tivoli Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign-On software, which has undergone a redesign based on technology from IBM’s Encentuate, Inc. acquisition earlier this year.

The new Tivoli Access Manager is a business productivity tool that helps businesses simplify their compliance initiatives and automates password management, freeing employees from having to do so. At the same time, the software enhances security through a wide choice of authentication factors.

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