IT executives say employees are main source of innovation

by Editor 9/16/2008 4:34:00 PM
More than a half (53 percent) of IT professionals in global companies say that employees are the number one source of innovation for their businesses, according to a new study.  

IT and Knowledge Process Outsourcing Firm Syntel conducted a survey between August 21 and September 12, 2008, and polled leading IT companies in order to check the pulse of the current IT trends.

When asked to name their company’s primary source of innovation, 53 percent of the respondents cited employees, 14 percent said it was internal R&D, while customer feedback and consultants were each mentioned by eight percent of the IT professionals polled. 

Bharat Desai, Chairman and CEO of Syntel Inc., said:

“In today’s global organizations, employees have the advantage of advanced communications to keep them in touch with customers, consultants, vendors and business partners wherever they reside. Employees at all levels of companies hear about and share innovative approaches, learn what works and what doesn’t, and have windows into new thinking not possible before globalization. Companies are tapping these employees’ observations and insights to inform the development of new products and services.”

“The urgency to stay innovative in the face of global competition drives management to tap the source of new ideas closest to them. Employees are a powerful source of innovative ideas, and smart companies understand and exploit their unique perspective.”

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