Network data security main concern for IT professionals

by Editor 9/2/2008 4:45:00 PM
Information technology (IT) professionals’ number one network-related concern is still data security, according to a new poll conducted by the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA).

32.8 percent of the IT professionals included in the survey said that, when it came to their organization’s network, securing the network and the data was their top priority.

CompTIA president and CEO Todd Thibodeaux said: “Organizations continue to invest more resources in securing applications, data and networks, and with good reason. Every security breach has the potential to materially impact the business, through lower employee productivity, lost revenue, higher costs, negative publicity, or loss of customer confidence. It’s incumbent on all organizations, regardless of size or industry, to implement a multi-layered approach to security that leverages both technology and education.”

19.6 percent of the respondents cited human error as their top concern, while data storage and the ability to hire and keep quality network support staff were each ranked as the biggest concerns by 12.1 percent of the IT professionals involved in the survey.

Finally, 6.4 percent of the IT staff cited having current network technologies as the top concern, 5.7 percent mentioned having dependable and secure wireless access, while 3.7 percent said that they placed the greatest importance on network virtualization.

The online survey was conducted between June 3 and August 25 and it included 934 respondents.

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