Accenture UK to cut hundreds of IT jobs

by Editor 10/7/2008 5:27:00 PM
Consulting firm Accenture plans to cut hundreds of IT jobs in the UK, mainly in the firm's Systems Integration and Technology (SI&T) unit, as well as the Analyst Consulting Group (ACG) and Talent and Organisational Performance (T&OP), where work is related to systems integration implementation.

An email was sent on Friday to thousands of Accenture employees whose jobs may be affected by the current crisis in the banking sector. The email states, among other things:

“To address this situation the [UK and Ireland] Leadership team has reached the difficult decision that we need to consider reducing our total UK workforce by around 3-4% targeting SI&T, ACG and T&OP only.”

The company has also confirmed that it will cut 300 to 400 jobs, promising a full consultation process as it carries out the plan. A spokesperson said on Monday:

“Given this, we expect a workforce reduction of approximately 300 to 400 people in certain skill sets where we have excess capacity. Managing supply and demand of our resources remains a top priority.”

The reason for the cuts, says Accenture, is "softness in the [UK] marketplace [which] in part reflects the global economic uncertainties that many companies are experiencing and more specifically issues in the UK financial-services market.“

Accenture UK has a wide range of clients across a number od industries. Those in the financial services sector include Lloyds TSB, Barclays, the London Stock Exchange, European Bank and Alliance & Leicester.

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