Deloitte wants to attract more women into graduate jobs

by Editor 10/10/2008 12:52:00 PM
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Deloitte is hoping to attract more women into graduate roles, the firm reports. Tom Crawford, head of employee engagement and diversity at the firm, told the Times that, even though 57 percent of UK’s unversity graduates are women, Deloitte’s intake is closer to 40 percent.

Crawford believes that it is the image of the sector as a whole rather than the consulting firm itself, which puts graduates off applying for jobs. "We court talent and we are open-minded about where we get it from," he says, acknowledging that Deloitte needs to "reach out and understand" how women perceive it.

Deloitte has a network of volunteers who visit universities hoping to inform students from a wide range of socio-economic backgrounds about different aspects of working for the company. "The broadest range of backgrounds brings the best innovation," Crawford explains. "We put people out there so that they can tell their stories. They can be realistic and honest with undergraduates and paint a real picture of life at Deloitte."

This is what sold Jen Hall, 28, on the idea of working for the company. Hall, who now works as a consultant in the enterprise applications department, came to Deloitte via Teach First, a scheme that allows top graduates to get recruited to teach in challenging schools for a couple of years and then go on to work for one of the sponsors – in this case Deloitte, a ‘platinum’ sponsor.

"I did four years of teaching and was aware of Deloitte through Teach First events," says Hall. "Deloitte was very friendly and open and had a lot of women representatives at these events. Other firms sent highflying male recruits."

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