EDS contributes to new software quality testing certification

by Editor 10/3/2008 4:55:00 PM
EDS, Rex Black Consulting Services and the International Software Quality Institute have announced a new global quality testing certification that will set new standards for software testers.

The Quality Assurance Management Professional (QAMP®) certification will help businesses in the technology sector improve the efficiency of their applications.

Companies rely on software applications as part of their everyday operations, which makes software quality crucial to their business success. While existing certifications generally focus on individual areas of the process, QAMP professionals will have more to offer. For one thing, they must have at least two years of experience in software quality testing. On top of that, they will be required to demonstrate standardized knowledge in requirements gathering, software testing and test management.

QAMP uses several certifications, including International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) Foundation Level, ISTQB Advanced Level – Test Manager, and the International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB) Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering - Foundation Level.

Stephan Goericke, director, iSQI, and inventor of QAMP, said: “Worldwide standardization is the key to the success of quality testing services. QAMP provides a modular certification that bridges the gap between business analysis at the front end and test execution at the back end of the process. Moreover, year-long project experience is also recognized and independently evaluated.

Rex Black, president of Rex Black Consulting Services, added: “Widespread adoption of QAMP will help certified professionals effectively and efficiently work together to build quality software. This will result in lowering the costs of field failure, increasing confidence in their releases and reducing the risk of defects.”

Andy Mattes, senior vice president, Application Services, EDS, concluded: “The new QAMP designation will differentiate professionals who have achieved the most comprehensive quality testing certification in the world. We are committed to having all of our test professionals certified in accordance with this standard and will also provide training courses for our customers.”

“As a leader in quality testing certifications and application quality management software and services, HP is working to develop more effective methodologies and products that deliver better business outcomes from inception to delivery.”

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