IBM named global leader in application management services

by Editor 10/15/2008 5:48:00 PM
IBM is ranked #1 in the global application managing services (AMS) market in the latest study released by analyst firm IDC, entitled "Zooming Out to Capture the Broader Application Outsourcing Opportunity: 2007 Integrated and Discrete Views." The study reveals that IBM has outranked IT services giants such as Accenture, EDS and all the big Indian companies based on combined bundled and discrete services revenue in 2007.

IBM's lead in application management services reflects the company's historical growth and flexibility in evolving an application management arm that supports discrete and embedded application management solutions.

IDC explains: "IBM, for example, has clearly built up a robust AMS practice, addressing either discrete or integrated solutions based on customer needs. While historically the bundled strategy may have dominated its approach, the discrete approach is growing as a significant portion of its full service portfolio."

Colleen Arnold, general manager of Global Application Services at IBM Global Business Services, said: "As clients seek higher-value solutions from services partners they increasingly require flexibility in the way they contract for AMS services, either combined with traditional systems integration or strategic outsourcing, or as an optimized, standalone agreement. Through our long-term investments in repeatable assets and the world's most sophisticated global delivery network, IBM is able to offer clients the greatest depth of capabilities across any number of industries, anywhere in the world.”

IBM’s growth in application management services is driven by the firm's Business Application Modernization, accelerating SOA adoption and cutting costs of transformation, as well as reducing time and resources. IBM’s clients are able to improve their business model readiness by optimizing core applications around SOA, which in turn helps their businesses respond to new market opportunities more quickly.

IDC’s study concludes that the AMS market is evolving as customers pursue greater Applications Outsourcing efficiencies while pushing for higher value services that integrate reusable frameworks for application, business process and quality assurance modernization.

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