Business software vendors report positive results

by Editor 10/17/2008 4:37:00 PM
Business software website, which connects software sellers and buyers, has polled business software vendors in order to determine the effects of the financial crisis on software sales. They took three factors into consideration: actual software sales, sales leads and website traffic.

More than 50 leading business software sellers responded and reported extermely positive results. 97 percent said that their sales have either stayed the same or increased considerably over the last several weeks. Three quarters said the same about their sales leads, while 82 percent said that their web traffic has stayed about the same in the past few weeks. Nine percent reported a decline in traffic, while another nine percent reported an increase.

Capterra president Michael Ortner said: "Not only have software sales largely remained unaffected, but vendor website traffic and sales leads, both of which are leading demand indicators, have also been strong. This supports what we have witnessed with web traffic to Capterra. More businesses are using Capterra to find software now than this time last year, and we also witnessed an increase in users from August to September. Some of this increase is due to our own marketing efforts, but even when we account for that, we still see a bump in activity. Of course, it is impossible to predict how this will play out over the next year, but our internal software demand indicators remain strong."   

The results of the survey merely confirm what industry analysts have already stated. Top analysts at Gartner Inc. and Forrester Research Inc. announced earlier this month that technology industry is faring better than the overall economy. While a number of IT departments have reported budget cuts, Forrester analysts singled out software products as a strong area within the technology sector.

Ortner concluded by saying, "Hopefully, this is a sign that businesses recognize investments in software as a key factor in improving productivity as opposed to just being another expense."   

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