IT firms increasing working hours in India

by Editor 11/25/2008 11:27:00 AM
Technology firms in India are increasing the number of working hours for their IT staff in an effort to earn additional monthly revenues per employee. IT employees are also being monitored more closely to make sure their breaks do not cut into their per-day productivity.

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is one of the IT consulting firms that has increased working hours from eight to nine. Accenture India will do the same starting January 1, 2009. Wipro's IT employees already work 9.5 hours a day, while Infosys has increased the number to 9.15 hours.

It wasn't, however, until now that the new working hour regulations were implemented and monitored so closely. “It’s sort of mandatory for us now to put in 9.5 hours of work a day,” says a Wipro employee. “Our HR seems to be monitoring it very closely these days and even a 15 minute shortage/delay is being noticed.”

Mohandas Pai, the head of human resources at Infosys Technologies, has confirmed that the company has taken stringent measures to make sure its IT staff put in the required 9.15 hours a day.

The IT firms believe that an increase in working hours will directly affect productivity and revenues. With an extra hour of work each day, IT employees will be putting in 22 extra hours a month. If their hour of work is billed at $20, their company will make an additional $440 a month per employee. This translates into Rs 22,000 of additional monthly revenues per employee for the company.

IT employees are not happy about the new work policy. “Some people are good and are capable of finishing even the extra work that is given to them in eight hours. So they are wondering why they should hang around for nine hours,” says an employee of Accenture India.

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