100 Tips for Consulting Firms to Survive & Grow in a Recession - Equiteq

by Editor 12/16/2008 12:47:00 PM
In order to help consulting and IT services companies navigate the economic downturn, mergers and acquisitions advisory firm Equiteq has published a new guide titled '100 Tips for consulting firms to survive and grow in a recession'.

Managing Partner Paul Collins said that the last recession left some painful memories and he wanted others to benefit from his team's experience in how to survive and grow during a recession.

Paul said: "There are some incredibly challenging times ahead, and any prudent owner of a professional services firm should be asking themselves: how am I going to survive the next two years and maintain the income and value in my company that I have built to-date?"

The guide is divided in to two sections. The first is for owners who have time on their side, and wish to strengthen their business in advance of tricky times, focussing on key actions in critical areas such as sales and profit growth, market proposition and client relationships. The second part is a more urgent '30 tips to avoid going bust' for firms where cash and time is already running out.

The Equiteq team is well placed to offer advice, having survived the last two recessions as a consulting business, they know the ropes and helping other firms achieve sustained profit growth is their expertise.

Paul smiles: "We learned what to do and what not to do the hard way! Recessions have a nasty habit of taking you by surprise and cash can run out quickly if you're not prepared, firm owners need to take decisive action now. World class firms see opportunities in recessions to take market share, get it right and you could be stronger in 2010 than you are today. Make the recession work for you!"

To download '100 Tips for consulting firms to survive and grow in a recession', please visit http://www.equiteq.com/100RecessionSurvivalTips.

Equiteq provides merger, acquisition and growth services exclusively to the business consulting and IT services industries. We help investors to find and acquire their ideal company and SME consulting firm owners to grow profits and equity value and/or successfully sell their firm. For more information - http://www.equiteq.co.uk.  

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