VendorRate names top rated IT vendors for customer satisfaction in 2008

by Editor 12/16/2008 12:40:00 PM
VendorRate (, the only Web-based business information service that offers quick, confidential performance ratings and comparisons of technology vendors, announced today that ChemSW, Informix, and Intel were the top rated vendors for overall customer satisfaction in 2008.

IBM Servers & Systems, Hewlett-Packard Printers, Amazon Web Services, VMware, Apple Desktops and Notebooks and Research in Motion completed the year’s top ten in ratings by more than 3000 business-to-business IT professionals on the VendorRate website and at trade shows, professional conferences and virtual events.

The five vendors posting the lowest overall scores for the year were Sprint Nextel, SunGard Data Systems, SAP Large Enterprise, Computer Associates International and Datamaxx Group.

“By rating vendors independently, thousands of IT executives and managers are helping other companies choose the best services and avoid costly mistakes with performance information that is more important than ever in this challenging economy,” said Rick Schaefer, CEO of VendorRate.

VendorRate users rate vendors confidentially on ten specific performance criteria that include customer service, reliability, integrity, budget and effectiveness. The results produce a cumulative score up to 100.

Chemistry software maker ChemSW received the highest overall score of 95. Informix, IBM’s relational database management system, posted a 91. CRM services provider ranked third overall with an 89 and was the number one company in ratings by IT pros at enterprise companies with more than 2500 employees. IT products and services company CDW was the top rated reseller (87).

During the year, VendorRate also forged partnerships with three major IT user groups, the International Sybase User Group, the SQL Server Worldwide Users Group and the International Informix Users Group.

The full 2008 report also contains breakdowns of ratings submitted by small, medium and enterprise companies, the highest and lowest scores in each of ten performance criteria, and top category scores by software, hardware and service providers.

The report summarizes customer satisfaction ratings entered by technology professionals at the VendorRate website, trade shows, professional conferences, and virtual events. VendorRate also collects rating information by cooperating with user groups, trade associations, event management, and IT and telecom departments from organizations of all sizes. VendorRate is vendor neutral and accepts neither vendor sponsorship nor advertising.

The report is now available free on the VendorRate site at

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