IT survey - most important skills in IT management

by Editor 1/23/2009 3:03:00 PM
Hays IT has revealed that more than one in four Heads of IT and Chief Information Officers (CIOs) are concerned that their IT departments do not have the right blend of people and technical skills needed to cope with today's changing business landscape. The information was revealed in a new survey of senior technology professionals conducted by Hays IT.

Leadership and technical knowledge are the most important skills sought by hiring managers, which re-affirms the requirement for individuals who can inspire, influence and motivate. The need for senior and middle IT management to influence decision making and communicate their knowledge to non-technical stakeholders has never been greater, especially in the current climate where cost control and productivity gains are so important.

Over half of survey respondents (54%) cited the ability to simplify IT jargon as the most important skill they are looking for in their senior managers, followed by the ability to apply IT strategy to the benefit of the business, which 40% of survey respondents cited as a key skill. The majority of respondents (59%) agreed that IT has a very significant role to play in business strategy with 44% believing it to be important commercially.

James Lloyd-Townshend, Managing Director of Hays IT, noted: "People tend to automatically associate strong technical skills with IT professionals. But as our survey shows, people and communication skills are equally, if not more, important than industry knowledge, particularly at the senior end of IT jobs market."

The abiding message from employers is that IT professionals whose interpersonal skills are not up to scratch cannot simply rest on their 'technical' laurels and expect that this alone will be enough to be offered the IT job for which they have been interviewed.

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