Capgemini earns IT Specialist Certification accreditation from The Open Group

by Editor 2/6/2009 3:32:00 PM
Capgemini, one of the world's foremost providers of consulting, technology and outsourcing services, has achieved accreditation from The Open Group to certify its senior level IT specialists worldwide. As an Accredited Certification Partner, Capgemini will offer The Open Group’s IT Specialist Certification (ITSC) program to its skilled and experienced IT professionals.

ITSC certification ensures that those to whom it is granted meet or exceed rigorous worldwide standards for professional expertise and experience, established by a consortium of globally recognized industry leaders and overseen by a vendor-neutral organization.

The Open Group is a vendor-neutral and technology-neutral consortium, who’s vision of Boundaryless Information Flow™ will enable access to integrated information, within and among enterprises based on open standards and global interoperability. The Open Group ITSC program is based on an assessment of people skills, technical skills and experience, not just textbook study.

A certified IT Specialist must have demonstrated substantial working experience within their area of expertise. ITSC establishes the quality of skills, experience and knowledge of professional specialists in a number of streams within two technical focus areas: development and operations. Additionally, the certification also focuses on the way in which IT Specialists interface with clients in one of four ways, termed Client Focus Areas: Technical Services, Technical Sales, Technical Support, and Technical Training.

According to Ron Tolido, Chief Technology Officer, Capgemini Nederland B.V., “Today, solutions are often delivered in a global, distributed context. Increasingly, we will be staffing our projects from multiple sources, potentially both from inside and outside the organization, as well as multiple continents and multiple suppliers. Envision a complex network of partners, alliances, providers, clients and even competitors. To thrive in this boundary-less environment, it is paramount to have a standardized view of the skills, experience and competencies of the IT specialists involved. This will help organizations find and select the right resources, and it is even more relevant now that regulatory compliance demands demonstrable quality of service.”

For IT Specialists, certification against an open, global standard provides a clear, motivating path for career development and contains portable credentials that will be recognized and accepted on a global scale.

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