Nebulas Security offers IT security consulting and solutions to help clients meet compliance requirements

by Editor 4/9/2009 4:34:00 PM
Nebulas Security, the business unit of Nebulas Solutions that provides clients with database security and data privacy services, offers a range of IT solutions that protect their customers’ businesses from internal risks, external security threats and different kinds of vulnerabilities and that come with remote access users and company web applications.

Data loss risk is an issue most enterprises have to deal with at some point or another, as data breach incidents in recent years have been known to cost businesses £1.4million on average. Nebulas Security offers a range of security assessment services that provide clients with a realistic insight into potential risks they may be faced with.

Beyond that, the Nebulas team of experts helps companies meet the information technology industry regulatory and compliance requirements, which many executives find to be a challenge in today’s business environment and the widening landscape of security threats it entails. 

Nebulas Security also provides clients with consulting, security assessment and security training services. Nebulas’ security consultants provide both information security solutions and technical support to clients.

Some of the security features Nebulas Security offers include are disk encryption and PCI Solutions Guide, as well as other free guides and white papers, including Data Encryption for Dummies, Firewall Operations Management and Check Point Endpoint Security.

To learn more about Nebulas Security, please visit the Nebulas Solutions Group website.

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