Nebulas Solutions first in the UK to demonstrate automatic provisioning of virtual servers

by Editor 4/1/2009 4:04:00 PM
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Security, acceleration and virtualisation specialist Nebulas Solutions Group launched the first UK demonstration of automatic provisioning of virtual servers in March. Designed to help customers analyse and test functionality, experiment and investigate different technologies in a safe environment, the demonstration is now part of the Demo Lab at Nebulas' London headquarters.

Nebulas integrated F5 applications and virtual server capabilities and became the first UK-based company to show virtual servers that self-provision to meet specific needs and demands.

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The virtual server demonstration allows Nebulas Solutions to show how a virtual infrastructure can automatically handle peaks and troughs in demand.

Nebulas Solutions managing director Nick Garlick voiced confidence that customers and potential clients would see the benefits immediately. He said: “We’re operating in very difficult times and customers are very keen to get more than ever from their IT infrastructure. This new installation clearly shows how to do this. Virtual machines already offer cost savings, but by adding this level of automatic provisioning, systems can become far more responsive to the demands of the business. Customers see the cost saving potential and are very interested: we’re currently booking at least two new visits to the Demo Lab each week”.

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Owen Cole, F5’s technical director for UK & Ireland, agreed: “Combining F5 solutions with virtual technology shows how seamless, dynamic demand can be managed effectively. Being able to walk customers through this is invaluable, especially in the current climate, as it clearly demonstrates ROI, ahead of an investment decision. As well as cost savings, the ability to automatically control a virtualised infrastructure brings tremendous flexibility, whilst freeing IT resource to focus on competitive innovation. We’ll be working closely with Nebulas Solutions to help customers as they implement this technology”.
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