CSC wins 10-year IT contract from UK Identity and Passport Service

by Editor 4/7/2009 4:50:00 PM
Global IT services leader CSC has been awarded a 10-year managed information technology contract from the UK’s Identity and Passport Service. The deal is worth $570 million.

CSC will be responsible for upgrading the application and enrollment system for IPS, the agency of the Home Office that issues passports and ID cards to UK residents. The additions include the ability for customers to apply online, improved background checking, a new system for reporting lost and stolen passports and ID cards, customer support for updating personal data and new IT and telephony systems.

Nick Wilson, president of CSC’s operations in the UK, said: "CSC is pleased to be appointed by the UK government to provide services and expertise for this major program. We look forward to applying our extensive global experience in identity management and critical programs of this nature, and building on our track record of success in supporting citizen-centric services for governments worldwide."

"The British passport is already one of the most secure in the world, and it is vital we maintain that strength by moving with the rest of the international community," said James Hall, chief executive of the Identity and Passport Service. "CSC has shown it is superbly placed to deliver this contract and we are delighted they are working with us."

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