IT jobs in highest demand are in systems and development - new survey

by Editor 5/14/2009 3:53:00 PM
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IT jobs in systems and development are in highest demand in today's hazardous job market, as revealed by a new survey from the National Computing Centre.

The National Computer Centre survey, titled "Benchmark of salaries and employment trends in IT", covered 202 UK organisations, and also predicted steady salary rises across the IT sector.

According to the study, demand for development staff will increase by 13% in the next two years, and systems and support staff levels will rise by 10%, showing a trend that runs counter to the pessimism that has dogged the general economy.

Certainly, websites specialising in IT jobs have not experienced any downturn in traffic, either from job searchers or from job posters.

In all, almost half of the companies surveyed stated that they expected the total number of IT jobs in their organisation to increase in the next two years. IT services was the best-positioned sector, with four-fifths of respondents expecting numbers to increase in this particular type of IT job.

In the survey, 63% of respondents in the public sector anticipated that IT jobs in their sector would increase, and 55% of finance professionals expected their sector's IT posts to grow in number.

This optimism was not reflected across all sectors, however, with only a third of manufacturing respondents and a quarter of transport interviewees believing that their sectors would experience IT jobs growth.

Skills shortages in IT jobs

The picture painted by the survey was not entirely rosy. Eight per cent of those surveyed expressed concern over the shortage of qualified staff to fill vacant IT jobs.

The main skill shortages identified by the interviewees included Oracle, SAP, NET, web development, business analysis and network support, as well as VMware virtualisation, .NET C# security issues, and ITIL.

A quick glance at the vacancies available on IT jobs boards confirms that these skills are indeed in high demand.

Also, it is important to note that the generally positive trends depicted by the survey are not universally shared.

Recruiters are reporting a significant drop in demand for full-time employees across the board, and the "Report on Jobs" released by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation and KPMG stated that the number of IT jobs available had fallen, but that the fall was not as large as it had been in most other sectors.

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